This technique is called”Reconnecting with Heaven and Earth Energies.” It is so important that we have a continual
flow of Heaven energies coming down from above and Earth energies coming up from below. These energies come together in our body,
mix together, and feed us in very important ways. You might say that when we have this Heaven
and Earth connection we’re kind of like a battery– we have all
the energy we need to do what we’re here to do. There can be all kinds of reasons and ways
that Heaven energy can get cut off or that Earth energy can get cut off. There are ways in the Gemstone Therapy practitioner
training that we teach people, our students, how to work wiht this directly, but there is a technique using the Diamond
Spray that can help you to open and unlock these tightnesses on your
own. So some reasons why you might want to try
this technique: if you feel, like, all disconnected from the
Earth or from the Heaven, you may feel disconnected from your devine
source, you may feel ungrounded, disconnected from
Earth, uncomfortable in your body, uncomfortable
on the planet. You may feel as though you lost direction
in your life, your compass has gone off counter. You may feel unmotivated or listless or slugish
or you just don’t seem to care as much as you used to and you know that’s not you– you want to do something about it. Okay, so, here’s the procedure: You hold the bottle of 7-Color-Ray Diamond
overhead and you spray up four times. Okay, here we go. One, two, three, four. Just let the mist rain down. Then you would hold the bottle down at your
feet or your knees and just spray down toward the Earth. One, two, three four. I did two on each side, but you could circle your feet too if you
wanted to. I’m just waiting a moment for that to kind
of settle. I can already feel some tingling in my body. Okay, now three times overhead and three times
at your feet. Okay, here it goes. One, two, three. And at my feet. One, two, three. The two and three came really in quick succession. I’m beginniing to feel sensations up my back. Alright, now twice overhead. One, two. Let the mist rain down. And at my feet. Once, twice. Now that’s it for the technique, but if you want to you can continue by going
once up ahead and once down below. That feels really intense for me. In the clearing process, because this is working
on an aspect of energetic anatomy called the central chakra channel, the Heaven energies come down from above, Earth energies come up from below into the
central channel. There’s an illustration of that in the instructions,
the PDF file of the instructions for this technique, that you can take a look at. That clearing process, as it opens up the
channels for the Heaven and Earth energy, it can start moving some things around. I think that’s what I’m feeling right now, just that clearing process, but I’m also feeling this tingling sensation like
there really is more energy coming into my body and that’s just really exciting. Best wishes on your journey to greater health and do have fun experimenting and practicing
and playing with the GemFormulas sprays, especially the 7-Color-Ray Diamond.