I abbreviate LOM: Levels of Manifestation. There are seven levels, doesn’t matter what order we put them in, but I’m going to start right here with whole
being, the whole being level. And next is, you might say the whole body, and the whole body level, within this level,
we have the physical body, the emotional body, the
causal body, the mental body. Each of these bodies are whole within themselves, and they all, even though they are very different
vibrationally, in general, they follow some very similar
laws when you compare the whole body level to the
other Levels of Manifestation. Okay, whole body. Then we have system, organ, cell– or cellular,
molecular, and atomic. We’re going to be focusing on the whole being
level today. The whole being level encompasses all of this. The whole being level is non-local– you might say it encompasses all of this, and yet it permeates all of this, all the
other levels. It’s that place of all-knowing, and yet it’s not exactly the spiritual self. It is in that it’s all-knowing, it’s sort
of everywhere, it’s non-local, but it isn’t because it has everything to
do with the manifestation of who we are as well. It’s kind of an enigma, the whole being level, but it’s that level that gives us the information
about our Main Color Ray. It is the closest to our spiritual self, and in saying that, each one of these levels of manifestation
also has a direct link up to that source of spirituality that is who we are. When we test the Main Ray, what we’re really doing is we’re testing the
spectrum of the whole being level. Each of these, the spectrums at each of these
other levels belong to the whole being level spectrum. So, if the whole being level spectrum, let’s say this is our spectrum, whole being, the whole body level is within this. Say physical, that’s the emotional spectrum, here’s the causal spectrum, mental spectrum, supra physical spectrum. All the bodies within the whole body spectrum
are incorporated in the whole being spectrum. System level. We have 18 systems that we recognize in Gemstone
Therapy. Each of those spectrums, well I’m not going to draw 18 lines, but each of those spectrums are within and
encompassed by the whole body spectrum which is encompassed by the whole being spectrum. Organ. In Gemstone Therapy, organ includes the visceral
organs– heart, lungs, spleen– but also organs like the hand, wrist, heart,
elbow– organs, groups of tissues that share a common
function. Of all the many many organs in the body, all of their spectrums belong to the systems,
belong to the whole body. So you see where I’m going here. Cells, same thing. Molecules, atoms. The spectrums of the atoms very much, well, actually, spectrums of atoms are a completely
different thing. They’re very, very squirrelly. But certainly, the molecular spectrums are
incorporated by the cellular spectrums and on and on, so that any shifts that are made in the whole
being spectrum is going to influence all these spectrums. That’s a really important point because it
means that anything that we do with our Main Ray, working
with the Main Ray, will be working holistically. We can identify organs in systems. We can actually identify the specific spectrum
of a particular organ by its organ window or a system by its system window or even of a whole body. More difficult to identify cellular spectrums
because they’re so small and, you know, they’re microscopic, but certainly organ, system, whole body we
can work directly with these spectrums, and in a Gemstone Therapy session, if a target area is an organ, a client comes
to you saying, “I’d like to work with the energies associated
with such and such an organ,” then, in order to give your client what he’s
asking for, you want to target that. And sometimes an individual’s situation is
so involved, their focus is so involved on a particular
manifestation, that you have to work on some of these levels first before that intense focus can relax a little bit and the individual can broaden their perspective
to be able to encompass that whole being level and to be able to get the information of this
particular spectrum. Again, the whole being spectrum is what contains
the information about the Main Ray. It’s the part of us that is closest, you might
say, to our highest spiritual self or soul. The whole being spectrum contains information
about the Main Ray, and like any other spectrum, it may have a
Limiting Ray, it might not, it depends, and it will definitely have Secondary Rays, but it is possible to have a Limiting Ray
in your whole being spectrum. Just for the benefit of repetition, the whole being spectrum is the one that carries
the Main Ray information, and the reason that we want to identify and
work with this spectrum is because it umbrellas and it influences
the spectrums that exist at all other levels of manifestation of our
being. So, it’s definitely a way to address holistically
our whole self, and not just physical issues, but life issues, the grand scheme life issues. Issues about purpose, and fulfilling purpose, and destiny and why we’re here, and how we can best utilize our resources
to be in this life and do and serve and create and outflow and interact to our fullest capacity. That’s what the Main Ray allows us to do.