Thank you for interest in working with therapeutic-quality
gems to help you handle stress. Each of the five gemstone necklaces I’ll be
talking about in this video can help a person overcome stress in a special
way. This is important because stress can manifest
differently for everyone. For some, stress makes them feel tired. Others get so anxious they can’t calm down. Others get completely overwhelmed. The Gemstone Kingdom has something for everyone. In this video, I’m going to examine each of
the Top Five Gems for Stress, how they can help you, and when you might want to use them. This will help you make a more informed decision
about which one might work best for you. Let’s start with one of our Top Five gemstone
necklaces for stress. This is Onyx with Ruby. We call it Ruby Onyx. Wearing the Ruby Onyx necklace is a good choice
if stress makes you feel anxious, unsettled, or scattered, or if you feel as though you have so much
energy stuck in your head and you can’t sleep, you can’t calm down,
and your heart feels closed. Or maybe, stress gets you wrapped up in all
of your emotions, and maybe you just can’t stop crying. This necklace consists of 8 millimeter, black,
semi-precious Onyx and one real Ruby of one-half carat in weight. We use the Ruby to enhance the work of the
Onyx, and I’ll tell you why. Onyx moves energy down the body, it settles your energy like water moving down
a mountain. It can help you feel grounded. It connects you to the Earth so you can feel
more integrated and collected and less scattered. The Ruby energy moves energy up to the heart
to warm it and nourish it and bring forward its innate intelligence. Therefore, Ruby Onyx is an excellent choice
when stress impairs good decision making. So, these gems not only settle the stress
out of the body, but the stressed out heart, to make it feel
more comfortable in your body so your choices can come from your heart and be more authentic and true. Next, we’ll talk about Dark Green Aventurine
with Tsavorite. This necklace consists of 8 millimeter Dark
Green Aventurine beads and two beads of Tsavorite. Tsavorite is a green garnet, which is sometimes
mistaken for high-quality Emerald because of its bright green color. Dark Green Aventurine has a particular affinity
with the cells in our body. It increases their overall vitality and helps
them release unwanted energies. Tsavorite strengthens the tiny little vortex
of life energy in each tiny little cell and collectively, with all of our cellular
vortexes stronger, we can feel more healthy and vital. Opposite of Onyx, which moves energy down, Green Aventurine moves energy up. Technically it gets the energy going– it’s like the sprouting plants in Spring time
that are just emerging from the soil. If you find it hard to feel creative or get
important projects off the ground, Try Dark Green Aventurine with Tsavorite. These gems can promote that Spring-like energy
in your body and being to promote creativity and support new beginnings. It can also help you bring new energy to a
project, idea, or business to help it grow. Here, we have 8 millimeter Rhodonite semi-precious
beads with two, precious Pink Tourmaline gems. Rhodonite energy brings warmth and joy and supports peak activity. Its energy might remind you of a high Summer when the plant kingdom, at least in the Northeast where we live, is in its peak of leafy green glory. Pink Tourmaline has a protective energy. It helps you feel safe while you’re gearing
up to do your very best. It also supports feminine energy in both men
and women. Wear Rhodonite when stress steals your joy and takes the fun out of living. Rhodonite with Pink Tourmaline can help you
bring those feelings back. The energies of these gems uplift the spirit so you can feel better on all levels. They encourage joy and help you build a foundation
for positive emotions while also protecting your heart while you
renew your inner strength. Fourth on our list for the Top Five Gems for Stress is Agate Citrine. This is a beautiful necklace. It consists of 8 millimeter, semi-precious
Agate of a variety of different colors paired with Citrine to help balance and enliven
the Agate’s energies. Wearing this necklace can help you feel more
comfortable in your body. It nurtures your body with Earth energies to help you feel grounded, nourished, and
in touch with abundance. Students can wear this necklace while studying
to improve their focus. It’s also a good choice when stress makes
it difficult to concentrate on a task. If stress makes you feel scattered, or as though your energies are just flying
apart, then wearing Agate Citrine cam help you feel
more centered, secure, and comfortable in your body, so you can give your full attention to anything
that’s important to you. Like Ruby Onyx, Agate Citrine settles stressed-out energies, but Ruby Onyx nourishes the heart while Agate Citrine, due to the Citrine, nourishes the gut to improve self-confidence,
self-worth, and self-esteem. Our last, but not least, of the Top Five Gems
for Stress is a necklace that consists of Mother of Pearl and Blue Chalcedony. These gems would be called for when stress
just won’t let you relax. We pair the 8 millimeter Mother of Pearl with
beads of Blue Chalcedony. Our Mother of Pearl is a particularly high
quality. Maybe you can see the flash, each of the beads has a shine on it– I hope you can see it through the video. Wearing this necklace is like walking around
wearing a great, big hug. The energy of Mother of Pearl soothes and
comforts and calms and the energies of Blue Chalcedony specifically
calm the mind and help it feel more peaceful. These gems can make it easier to rest, and
relax, and help you unwind after a long, hard day. They can also help soothe a grieving heart. I invite you to try one or all of these Top Five Gems for Stress. We call the collection “The Foundation Five.” They’re available as necklaces, which you’ve seen, and also bracelets. You can wear them singly, or all together for overall balancing. You can also drape all five of them over your
body when you’re lying down to balance all of the energies in your body for a deeper and more restful sleep. If you’re interested in learning more, I’ve included several links in the information
box below this video. My name is Isabelle Mortin, I’m the founder
of GemFormulas and the Gemstone Therapy Institute. I’m wishing you all the best on your journey
to greater health.