Gemstones Oh, wow! so many stones Keanu: look it’s an old dime what is there? Keanu: this stone has something looks like a teeth Mom: Are these gems beautiful? Keanu: Yes! Mom: Lets go to mill mining for these gemstones. yes! let’s go! Keanu: Mom, look there is a water Mom: What are you going to search for? Keanu: stones Mom: not just a stones, but gemstones Dad: get those baskets Mom: Kamil, get one more for yourself too Keanu: How it works? woohoo! wow! stones… Keanu: Dad, I already found some gems Kamil: Me too! so beautiful Mom: please, show us it closer Mom: WOW! It is beautiful stone Keanu: there is another, red color Mom: also we found a red gemstone Onyx Kamil: look I have the same gemstone Kamil: Keanu do you have this kind? Kamil: Keanu do you have this kind? one more.. one is gone… Mom: show us how many gems you got? Mom: WoW! so many gems you got, boys. Great job! Kamil; look, Mom I got a purple stone Mom: SUPER! Subscribe