Meet Gem and Gemma. (playful music) Hello! Doctor K! I’m Gem! And I’m Gemma! We’re going to have so
much fun working together. Just tell us what we can do. You can stop talking like that. Like-
What? [Gem] Happy birthday! And surprise! For me? But why? It’s your birthday.
And we’re friends. Gem, Gemma, you two should
know, I don’t even like you. [Gem] That’s okay, we know. [Gemma] But we can
still like you, can’t we? I’m getting out of here, and
I’m taking you two with me. But what about-
The sun? Don’t you get it? We aren’t allergic to sunlight. We never have been. It was all a lie. But we don’t have access- To Alphabet Soup’s security computers. I don’t need access. I just need to blind the
servers for a few minutes. With this. A wireless upload of the Venjix virus. It’s a self-aware,
self-generating computer virus. Meet Project Venjix. No! Gem, Gemma, no! I’m glad we’re friends. Oh yeah, so- Are we. Head for the exit, doctor. We’re going back for the classified gold and silver series. Gem, Gemma, wait! No, we don’t have time! (gasping) Gem, Gemma, no! (gasping) Who are these insolent intruders? [Ziggy] This day really
can’t get any weirder. (cheering) Fire at will!
I will! [Gem] Then fire! No! Get them! [Gem] Evasive action. What? That’s impossible! (laughing) That got him. You hungry? Starving! Mmm, me too. Let’s bug out. (dramatic music) [Both] Cloud hatchet, on! Cloud hatchet, on! [Gem] Slash mode! Time to drop! Ice mode! (growling) [Gem] Energy mode! [Gemma] Energy mode! That got him. [Gem] Yeah! [Both] Uh-oh! Jet mode! [Gem] Time to go. [Both] Bye now! Engine cell, activate! Engine cell, activate! [Both] Sky shift blazer! Fire! Gem! Gemma! (sentimental music) Hello, Doctor K. We’ve missed you. As you all know, I recently
learned that my dear friends, Gem and Gemma, the original test operators of the Ranger Program series hardware, survived the destruction
of the Alphabet Soup research facility, and escaped with the gold and silver series morphers, which they have been
using to wage a brutal and merciless campaign against
Venjix in the wasteland. I was not worried. Get moving, you lazy machines! That means now! Here goes. (shouting) Ah, a Ranger! That’s right! Fire! [Scott] Look out! Ready?
Yeah! (energetic rock music) [Scott] Gotcha! Mind if I join you? Not a moment too soon. Let’s send this sucker-
Back to the junkyard! [Scott] Engine cells, activate! [Gem and Gemma] Combine weapons! Locked-
And loaded! [All] Fire! We gotta-
Do something! Gem, Gemma, I’m downmorphing your zords. [Gem and Gemma] Locked in! Going in. Right behind you! Let’s combine! Do it! [All] You’re toasted! [Gem and Gemma] Cloud hatchet on! Combine weapons! Locked-
And loaded! [Gem and Gemma] Sky shift blazer! Fire! Engine cell, activate! Ready! RPM, get in gear! Combine weapons! Locked-
And loaded! [Gem and Gemma] Sky shift blazer! Fire! (cheering) Begin activation of whale
DNA base code sequence. [Gem] Consider it activated. Now let’s show this thing- Something it’s never seen. [Gem and Gemma] Hello to Mach Megazord! Look, it has no idea what- To make of us! [Gem] Ready, aim- Fire! Hey, Gem? Wanna know what I’m thinking we should do with this thing next? Since when do I not
think what you think? Doctor K, care to bring
this to a rousing finale? Affirmative. Stand by for energy power bow download. Yeah!
Just like old times, eh, Doctor K? RPM, get in gear! [Gem] RPM, get in gear! (roaring) Prepare for an enlightening experience. (shouting) Maybe we should’ve- Thought this through. We need to combine into SkyRev. It’s the only way we
can blow this sucker up. Then follow my lead this time. Channel the biofield directly
into the mainframe on my mark. Got it. Ready for biofield manipulation. Woohoo! We’re gonna send this puppy
back to the garment district. Just be careful. If we’re off by just a hair, then we’ll blow ourselves
back to the garment district. Three! Two! One! Initiate biofield sequence! [Gem] Activated! [All] Power Rangers RPM! (cheering) We did it! (sighing) All systems go! [Scott] SkyRev megazord! Hey, where did those buttons come from? [Gemma] Explosive! [Ziggy] Yeah, baby! All right, let’s finish this! [All] Go! Plug it in! Combine weapons! Locked-
And loaded! [Scott] Steady. Target locked! You’re mine! [All] Fire! (shouting) Hey, uh, thank you. Maybe we have been- A bit reckless. Maybe. Just a bit. But from now on- It’s all for one- And one for all! (energetic rock music) [Gem] Boom time! You know, I’ve been
a soldier all my life. In that time, I’ve seen a lot of bravery. But today, I witnessed a true hero. Gem. I’d like to present to
you the medal of valor for the bravery you showed today, in the battle against Venjix. The city of Corinth is very grateful. Incredible! Thank you, sir! Oh no, thank you, son. Look at that! The medal of valor! For me, can you believe that, Gemma? And all, I was just having fun out there. And now I’m a hero. We’re, uh, we’re all
pleased as punch for you, but do you have to go on about this? Sure I do, look at this beauty! Look at it! Look, Gem, Scott leads us as we help protect the city every day. And the one time his dad
notices, he gives you the metal. How do you think that makes him feel? So he’s upset that his dad noticed me? No, Gem, he’s upset that
his dad never notices him. Yeah, well, let’s
see what sound you make when you explode. Bring it! Give up, Ranger? Use this! Thanks, Gem. Make it good. Let’s finish this! I couldn’t agree more. Time to rev it up! What? Street saber strike! Dear awesome diary. What a fascinating few weeks it’s been for Gem and me getting
to know all the Rangers. Dillon is nice, but very brooding. I’d be brooding too if I
was slowly turning into an evil Venjix robot. How much longer, doc? The weekly antivirus uploads merely slow the rate of growth. They don’t reverse it. So it’s not perfect, but it is working. [Gemma] Summer’s totally caring, especially when it comes to Dillon. Oh, and her hair is super flippy. I should ask her what she uses. As our team leader, Scott is really brave and a total go-getter. I’m just saying that
if we can divert 70% of the shield power away
from Zone Alpha, this- I said no. [Scott] Come on! [Gemma] Unfortunately,
he’s a lot like his dad, and for some reason they
never see eye to eye. You can’t just say no
and not give me a reason! I have work to do. [Gemma] Gem and I can
always count on Ziggy to say something funny. So when you come out of your morph, strike a victory pose, even
if you haven’t won yet. Trust me, the chicks love it. [Gemma] Although we
don’t always get his humor. And then there’s Flynn. I suppose he’s basically just- A simple mechanic. Road attack zord. (upbeat electronic music) Now, can you pass me
that three-mil driver? (energetic rock music) I’ll hold it back. (groaning) [Doctor K] Ranger
Gold, it’s coming back! I got it. Engine cell, activate! [Truman] Go after the other guy. No-
Problem! I’ll show Kilobyte who’s sweet. [Gemma] Over here! Cloud hatchet!
On! [Gem] Slash mode! [Gemma] Ice mode! Get off me! My suit’s at 52%. [Gem and Gemma] Sky shift blazer! Fire! [Gem] Take a break, guys. [Gemma] And let us have a turn! Hey, ready for some real fun? Always. Ice mode! [Gem and Gemma] Mach Megazord! Woo, let’s blow something up! Better not hit the PaleoMax. Scott wouldn’t be happy. Our-
Turn! Not all of us. The rail saber! (gasping) Activating engine cell! Rail saber online! Coming! You okay, Ziggy? Oh, sure, thanks for asking. [Scott] Nice job, Gem. Thanks. Here, finish it. Activating engine cell! Rail blaster. Fire! [Ziggy] All right, Gemma. Two on one, this will be easy. Yeah, you were saying? [Ziggy] And don’t come back! [Gemma] Yeah! Your attacks don’t faze me. We’re just-
Getting started! [Gem] Let’s kapow this loser! [Gemma] Right with ya, Gem! [All] RPM Enforcer! Activate engine cell. Say goodnight! [All] Fire! It is useless to resist. You will all be destroyed. Gemma, you know what we have to do. I know. Ready when you are. (screaming) Gemma! No, what did you do? No! (shouting) (laughing) I feel so tired. [Gem] The biofield seems weak. Gem! Gemma! We would’ve kept fighting. No, no, it can’t be! Never give up. No! Hey, guys! Yeah! Gem! Gemma! (laughing) But how did you- That’s the biofield for you. Can’t create it. Can’t destroy it.