English First of all guys, it is super hot here today in LA second of all I miss you guys so much I had no I haven’t uploaded for a while yeah like dude where have you been. Well, here’s the thing guys I’ve been working on a couple project. I got a podcast coming up I’m working on twitch and I’m creating a courses to help you guys to learn more about youtube and Instagram because allow so you guys Always DME and ask me about you know how to do you to Instagram? And also I realize you guys be asking me to do the gold digger prank video So today I am back with a new Lambo right here. I gotta have some new fresh ideas So if you’re new to the channel, make sure you click that subscribe button Click on a notification to be part of family squaw. We are coming back strong. And without further ado. Let’s get into this Doh video Alright guys. So right now I have my boy Jason over here. He’s gonna help me to catch some gold digger as well as A yeah, I did hire college just try to level my stand there, you know gimmickry thumbs Alright now if you’re ready for this video, let’s go Hey, what’s up, hi, I’m Josh Nice to meet you. I just saw your really key. I was gonna get something to drink by, you know, is it cool? I you can exchange number maybe, you know can hang out sometimes and stuff like that Maybe I can treat you better to him. You never know, right? On a night type Well have a have a good one is your loss It’s so rude to look and not say hi, how are you I’m Jason I’m doing good. How about yourself? Well, I’m not intruding. I mean if you have a boyfriend or anything, oh you’re single and ready to mingle Whatever makes me money, I mean you got to secure the bag, right? What are you into? See that It’s paying off. Thank you. I am Absolutely starving. No. Oh, thank you. Have you ever ridden a bull before? You know what, I know this really good sushi place not far from here you want to roll Come on let’s do it Uh, yeah just about five minutes the way that doors unlocked Oh You never know what’s gonna happen when you’re in a Lambo. I just have it for safety There’s a lot of people that come up to you and stuff. So, what did you say you do for a living? Um, I actually work with a lot of Hollywood I’ve been doing it I was sitting outside From lunch and I was like, what am I doing to myself? Like I gotta go inside you came up to me and I’m in a nice air-conditioned with Lamborghini You know, how much is a car like this? Wow, that’s crazy if the leather steering wheel it’s like so smooth Oh, yeah, haha, I like your jewelry So I say yes, very observant appreciate the finer things in life, you know You are weird a Lamborghini watch yourself You Alright guys, so so far. I think we have got a gold digger in the car I’m gonna cold the cop Jose and let him know we got a target And now what we’re gonna do is I’m gonna let the cop pull them over and let him know who the real boss is Calling Jose Hey, man, so we got a target right now is choosing the car at Jason’s in the car Can you start heading over to the location? We’re playing out just kind of like wait there and when they stop pass you by pull them over will be that the design location When we shoot and stuff like that and I will be all day on my way as well Boy, and also, make sure you wash onto the end of this video for some free chain giveaway super iced out But anyways, now I’m gonna start heading to the location and show then who’s the real boss. Let’s go This is not good It’s not okay, this is my boss’s car And thank you just shut the fuck up right now and then blade just just be quiet. Don’t say anything Just be quiet. Let me think for a second Everything this whole time you step out of the car, please. Actually. This is my boss’s car. Yeah Actually my boss’s car Now put your hands on that piece Once you stand there in front of cart Dude Hey, I just mailed this guy Oh My god Are you kidding me? Why would you dry my car? I just want to grab a bite. That’s it. I just ended up Okay, hold on hold on before you say anything. Why are you wearing my juries? You know, you can just get it yourself go Transcom why would you just grab my stuff without asking me you know, I just wanted to apologize. I’m sorry for everything I actually met a girl Who is she I I wear what I just want to say hi to I actually I got it for you You got it from me way. Who are you all that way? Hold on a second About why you look so so familiar. I Asked you for your number and you tell me how to boyfriend. Are you guys together? No, I just I met her I told you I think I picked her up for you. Are you kidding me? Sorry Yeah, well you know what I don’t want to do it anymore, he’s fire just take him away from you I just don’t want to see this anymore. I’m gonna have a one-on-one conversation privately with her try to figure out what is going on Come over here. I need you to really ask you what’s going on. How do you know my employee? Well, I thought you say you have a boyfriend Preciate you thank you sir. She wanted gas sushi, and you say okay. You see your tybor. What are you saying? I wasn’t your type. I don’t know what to say I’m sorry, like sorrowful why like I make it up to you. You know, I just I mean you still want to hang out Yeah, let’s hang out. It’s okay. For sure since I’m not gonna be a bag out here. I’m gonna be a good guy So let me try to find a key and let’s make this up again. Stay right here way there. Let me figure out Do I can say Hey, I got a key. I found it bow long I kind of changed my mind because I don’t really good go. Think about here’s your key though. Peace out Yo guys I wish you have seen her Reaction. This play is one of my favorite go to your video by far So if you enjoyed this video up to this point Give a quick thumbs up for your poi if you want to see more Golding a pranks in the future Come on below and let me know you want to see more go to guys so I know that’s right Now you probably ask me like Josh what’s going on with all this change? Always I start jewelry’s on you This video is a collaboration with go trials calm. They are doing a dope campaign right now with select a handful jury 100% for free all you need to do is pay the shipping. Sometimes you guys to mean Josh where you get the earring Where do you get the necklace and stuff like that now you have it and also since you guys are my fans and watching this Right now they’re giving away a free jury. Any jury that you pay All you need to do is count how many times within this video that I have? Mentioned go trials calm comment below with the number and also with jury you want and Alpina comment seven days from now and send you That jury you 100% for free You don’t even need to pay for the shipping and I’m also there jury are preachy I’m affordable And that’s what we call getting the gold digger on a budget So, yeah, if you’re new to the channel Make sure you click a subscribe button right here and check out the last video internal notification You know what to do, and that’s it for this video. I’ll see you guys on the next video to peace and now Oh My God look return