– I really thought we have good chemistry. – No I’m not, I’m not into bums, sorry. – Yo, what’s up guys
welcome back to my channel. I know I haven’t been
posting much lately because I’ve been dealing with some personal depression and some struggle, which I don’t really wanna
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more gold digger pranks and I will shoot another
one after this one. Oh my god, I thought it was
winter time, but it’s getting so freaking hot in LA. Also, I want to give a quick
shout out to this number one Asian dating app called, East Meet East to make this video possible. It’s basically a free app and
you could find potential dates to go on dates with them. Also, you can livestream on
there and make some extra money. So, you don’t even need
to be single to join. Check them out in the description
box below, and here’s how it’s gonna go down. So, I have created a profile
on the app, with a bunch of my pictures, looking very
wealthy, or you can say looking like a rich douchebag, LOL. So, on my profile here I’m
gonna say something like, I got bored traveling
around the world by myself on my dad’s private jet, so now I’m here to try to see if any hot
chicks wanna join me. But you have to solve my daily problem, just choosing either
driving with my Ferrari 458 or my Lambo Huracan, it gets annoying because my brother took my yacht to the Bahamas this weekend,
so I can’t go skinny dipping sad face, anyways, if
you think you got some big personality in the front and the back, also like to travel around
the world, hit me back. Yeah so, I think that sounds
pretty rich and douchey, right? What did you think? – [Cameraman] Yeah, that seems douchey. – Yeah, okay, cool prefect,
yo guys and just saying, that is not me okay, I’m not
either rich or douchey, I’m just doing it for this experiment okay it’s not me, don’t judge me. So anyways, I’m gonna to
start chatting with a bunch of girls here now, and try to
schedule a date with them. All right guys so, I have been
talking to a bunch of girls in the past few hours and many
of them are actually down to meet up and go on a date with me. So, I’m gonna to try and go on
a date with a couple of them in the next few days. But here’s the catch guys, okay. Although on my profile, I look
like, wealthy and rich and all that, but when I meet
up with some of these girls in real life, my
plan is, I’m not gonna look rich at all, I’m gonna
look like, super poor. I’m talking about like, really
bad, and really poor looking. Just like this. Just like that. Yo, checkout my sandals bro,
those things cost me like 3k and this thing man, is
Balenciaga, the newest unlimited edition and this is the newest
fashion design by Gucci. So I’m gonna dress like this
when I go on a date with some of these girls, Let’s see what
kind of reaction we can get. Let’s go. All right, so, so far I think
we just got here but, I don’t think the girl is here yet. Hopefully, she would recognize who I am ’cause I look so different right now. Wait, I think that’s her. – Hey, Hailey? – Oh hey. – Hey, what’s up, hi. How’s your day? – Pretty good so far, how’s yours? – Pretty good. Hey. – Josh? – What’s up?
– Hi. – Hi, can I sit here? – Yeah. – I’m Josh, hi.
– Hey – Nice to meet you. – How’s it going? – Good, been talking to you on
the app for a couple of days and I thought we had
some chemistry, maybe? – Yeah, no totally, I
honestly didn’t recognize you. You look a little bit
different from your app. – Oh. – You know, your pictures. – Yeah, I just like to
dress differently, you know. Hi.
– Hello. Josh? – Jennifer, right? – Josh, hey.
– Hey, what’s up? – Nice to meet you.
– You look so different. – I didn’t recognize you. – Do I look very different? – Yeah, it’s cool though. – You look different too. – Really? – You look better in person I think. – Oh, oh thanks. – The hair looks a little
different, but yeah. We’ve been talking for a bit and I thought we had some good connection. – I think you’re cool and seem nice. I think you left the tag on. – Oh, my tag, oh, yeah. I just have like, a weird
fashion taste sometimes but, – That’s cool.
– If that’s cool with you? – Ya, I respect that. I would probably ditch the hat. – Oh really, you don’t like the hat? What about this, do I look better? (laughing) Hey, at least I make you laugh, right? – Yeah, that’s good. – What do you like to do? – Traveling, taking photos, corny to say long walks on the beach. (laughing) – All right. – So, what’s new? – Nothing much, I mean, I just
thought we had good chemistry for the past couple of
days talking on the app. – Yeah, definitely. – You just move to LA recently, right? – I did, yup. – How’s it so far in LA? – Good, really good, I
mean going to school. – [Voiceover] So, so far
all these girls I went on a date with were actually
pretty nice and chill, none of them seemed to really
care if I had money or not, but until I met this girl. – Hey Megan, right? Megan? – What? – What’s up, hi. – How do you know who I am? – Can I sit here? – I guess. – Okay, cool, what’s up, hi. – Who are you? – We’ve been talking on the app. I’m Josh. – Josh, you’re Josh. – Yeah, why? – I thought we had good chemistry,
we’ve been talking a lot it was in the past couple of days. – You don’t look like Josh. – What do you mean, I
can show you the app. We’ve been talking and you
told me you like France that’s your favorite country isn’t it, right? Is this a joke? – What do you mean, a joke? – Why do you have a scooter? – I don’t know, I just kinda
like it, I saw it in the store, this is like a cool
style, so you know what, this is like a cool transportation,
you know what I mean? – Why are you dressed like that? – I don’t know, it’s my
fashion taste, you know. I think it’s dope, you
don’t think it’s dope? – Like you rolled out of bed, no. – No like, okay well I
guess you don’t really– – What is this? You look like a bum. – Whoa, I’m not a, whatd’ya mean? – What is this crap? What is this, you look
like a homeless person. – Okay well– – This is not Josh, this is a joke, right? – No, I’m Josh, I just told you, I can show you the dating app. – No this is a joke. Get out of here! You’re a bum, I’m not gonna date a bum. – You told me we’re gonna come here and we’re gonna have a date. And we’d talk about country. – I think you went to the wrong app. – Your name is Megan, wasn’t it? – From what app is this? – East Meet East. – No, I think that’s the wrong one, sorry. – Wow. Really? – I don’t think I use that one. – Wow, are you serious? – No, you can leave, I’m
not interested, sorry. – I really thought we have good chemistry. – No I’m not, I’m not into bums, sorry. – Okay it’s your loss, Jesus Christ. Yo, did you hear that? Let’s see who’s gonna laugh now. (car beeping) – What is this? – What’s up?
– What is this? – What do you mean, what is this? – Is this your car? – Yeah, and? – This is really your car? – Yeah, I stole it, yeah. (laughing) Like what does that have do with me? – Wait a second, maybe we
can work something out. – Work something out, what do you mean? – Like can we reschedule this? – Are you kidding me,
reschedule another date? – Yeah. – You just told me I look like a bum. – Why do you have nicer
clothes underneath? – That’s not nice, it’s just
my regular white clothes. Nothing nice, what do you mean?
– What’s up with that? (sighing) – This is so stupid. – Let’s try to schedule another date. – Oh, now you wanna schedule another date? Why because I have like, a nice car? – No, I mean–
This is ridiculous. – We didn’t really get to know each other. – I was trying to get to know you, but you kinda threw me off. – I mean, let’s try again, okay. – You really wanna try again? – Yes, let’s try again. – But hold on, let me ask
you, I don’t get why Megan, looks nicer on the app,
but not really in person. – Are you saying I don’t
look that good right now? – No, it’s not about the look, it’s like the attitude. I thought you were like a sweet girl, you know what I mean? – Whatever, no like come on. – [Josh] Are you a sweet girl, or no? – Yeah, I am, what are you talking about? – [Josh] Because I don’t know, you sound like a b*tch right now. – I’m not a b*tch. – [Josh] Well, you were kinda
like a b*itch right there. – I’m not a b*itch. – [Josh] So you’re nice? – Let’s try to schedule another date. Okay, please? – [Josh] Okay so, you want another date? – Yeah, Yes. – [Josh] Just because I have a car? – Let’s schedule another one, come on. (sighing)
Please? – [Josh] You know what, I would love too, but I really don’t like
people just being rude to me because the way I dress myself. – What are you talking about? I’m not being rude. – [Josh] You were being rude right there. – No! – [Josh] You know what, I don’t
have time for a gold digger. You’re just a b*tch. (engine revving) – [Gold Digger] I’m not a b*tch! (laughing) We got her so good. Yo, bro, did you get that? Did she like throw something at me? – [Cameraman] Yeah she
threw something dude. – I feel just like wet,
was it water or something? – [Cameraman] Yeah, it was something dude. – Bro, imma pull over,
let’s check in the back. (engine revving) See anything? I think it’s just water. Yo, she was like, not just a
gold digger, but she was like, freaking, what do you call it,
sociopath or like psychopath. I don’t know man, that
was, that was insane. Anyway guys, big shout out
to East Meet East, for making this video possible, if you
guys wanna check them out, go click in the description box below. Download the app, hey, if you
wanna meet some single ladies or guys or you wanna
make some extra money. go check them out, and
obviously not every girl’s a gold digger as you can
see earlier in the video. And meanwhile before I upload
the next video, next week, go check out my Instagram if you
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out there, on Instagram. So yeah anyway guys, I just
wanna tell you guys I love you, I really meant it, I really
love you guys, thank you so much For your patience and
for all your support. (engine revving) That’s the sound of my love. I will see you guys,
next week with a banger. Peace! (engine revving)