So if you take a second and look at the plan You will see what I see And that’s money Not our money Baby, where are you going? This gold business, broke me off years ago, but it’s amazing how a little gold dust could just change everything. Damn it, Kenny Mike Acasa I had a dream right heree Indonesia That’s where we’ll find the gold Wait! We found nothing and the workers are leaving Wait wait wait Kenny! Look, we got a gold mine For better or worse the ride had begun And what a ride I never doubted you for a second This is Ryan Walt in New York They were coming at me from all sides We believe you are sitting on the largest gold find of the decade yeah They’re talking over thirty billion dollars Yeah baby! Washoe Mighty turned into a rocket ship Wells cut a deal Who cut a deal with him? This isn’t a deal No balls….no deal Open it I’m touching a tiger! A lot of very powerful people are very angry The military is taking over the mine These people are using you I need to steal him away This is the F.B.I. The gold mine. I found it. And the only question I’m left with is How did 17 billion dollars disappear over night?