Samurai Morpher, gold power, ha! (upbeat rock music) (yells) Gold is good to go! Huh?
Huh? [Antonio] That’s it? No thanks for helping,
or a little what, what? Alright, I get it, you need a minute. What can I say? When I make an entrance, it’s
go big or go home, am I right? Don’t worry, just leave this one to me. You hang tight. (yells) [Nighlok] Aw c’mon,
now there’s six of you!? [Antonio] I’d say we’ve
probably done enough talking. Now it’s time for action. [Nighlok] (laughs) What
kind of stance is that? You’re not worth my time, twinkle toes! I’ll let these guys take care of you! [Antonio] My style’s different, but it’s all mine baby, and as they’ll see, there’s
plenty of strength behind it. Now if we’re done
talking, Barracuda Blade! (explosion echoes) [Mike] I’ve never seen anything like it! (upbeat rock music) [Jaden] That was the
legendary sheath slash maneuver! But that’s impossible!
Not anymore. (Antonio yells) [Antonio] You want some too, huh? (yells) What’s the problem? Come up and get me, I’m right here! Whoa. (yells) Okay, that part wasn’t so fantastico. You okay? [Antonio] Stay back, I
told you I got this, watch! (yells) (explosion echoes) Oh no, didn’t mean to play lumberjack! Whoa! Man, this thing’s sharper than I thought. (explosion echoes)
Whoa! That was just a lucky shot! Barracuda Blade! [Nighlok] Aw nuts, c’mon! (yells) ♪ Go go Power Rangers ♪ (thunder crackles) [Antonio] Yeah, baby! When I promise a golden moment, I deliver! Yeah, at last I’ve done it! I’m a true Samurai! Oh, I better go help! Barracuda Blade! (electricity crackles) (explosion echoes) If that was too fast for ya, here’s an instant replay! As you can see, the Barracuda Blade has quite a bonita bite! [Jaden] Fire Smasher! [Antonio] Good one, Jaden! That was unreal! [Nighlok] You wanna
see something unreal? Steel Blade scattershot! (explosions echo) [Jaden] Take cover, guys! Antonio, we need to handle
this creep ourselves. [Antonio] Yeah, just
like when we were kids! Fantastico! Leave it to me, sword play’s my specialty! [Nighlok] Is this your backup plan? ‘Cause I won’t be backing up for long! Nice try! Full body blade! [Jaden] Here it comes! [Antonio] That’s a lot of blades! [Jaden] Keep going, we got this! [Nighlok] No way! [Jaden] Spin Sword! [Antonio] Barracuda Blade! Barracuda bite! ♪ Go go Power Rangers ♪
Blazing strike! [Nighlok] Uh oh! You don’t have to be so snippy! ♪ Rangers together, Samurai forever ♪ [Antonio] Woo, one Nighlok down! [Nighlok] Time to enjoy my new toy! [Antonio] Oh no you don’t! [Nighlok] Senzu slime! [Antonio] Wow, my blade’s
as slippery as an eel! [Kevin] Whoa, he’s slippery too! [Antonio] Hey, you slimy punk! [Nighlok] Another slip off! Mind if I cut in?
Yeah! (explosions echo)
(rangers yelling) [Kevin] Let’s get to it! [Antonio] Bring it on, slimeball! [Nighlok] Senzu slime! Ah, it’s still working!
Cool! [Nighlok] Even if you
can hold your weapons, you can’t slip away from me! ♪ Go go Power Rangers ♪ Spin Sword!
Barracuda Blade! Dragon splash!
Barracuda bite! [Nighlok] Oh wow! (explosion echoes) [Antonio] Yeah, squashed that ant! Yeah!
Yeah! [Nighlok] Body swarm! Huh?
Whoa! [Antonio] Whoa, it’s
like dodge ball with teeth! It’s time to take you out! [Nighlok] Body swarm! Barracuda Blade!
Body swarm! Wait, what’s going on? (triumphant music) [Antonio] Barracuda Blade! Not you again! (yells) [Nighlok] Hold still, would you? (Antonio yells) (monster laughs) [Antonio] Ugh, that smell. What, ew, slimy! [Nighlok] Okay, fish
boy, let’s dance! (laughs) [Antonio] I think it’s time to cut bait. [Nighlok] Ow, those
take forever to grow! [Antonio] Playtime’s over, squid! [Nighlok] Really, batter up! (explosions echo) [Antonio] Well allow
me to introduce myself. I am Antonio Garcia! The Gold Ranger. (explosion echoes) Now let’s put a super spin on that slash! (thunder crackles) [Mike] Antonio, grab him! [Antonio] I got him, now
what do we do with him? [Mike] I didn’t think that far ahead! [Antonio] Hey, mind if I cut in? Guys, I did it! [Jaden] Huh, Antonio? [Antonio] Gold is good, but
right now Black is better. The Black Box is ready! Gold is back with a new toy! You think I’m scared of you? Nothing can stop me or
my new pal, LightZord! And don’t let appearances fool you, this zord kicks butt. (explosion echoes)
What!? [Antonio] LightZord
Battle Disc, scattershot! My turn to go on the offense! My moves are golden, but it’s my Barracuda Blade
that will cut you down to size! Got him. Huh, what!? Alright, now it’s time
for us to go for the gold! [Nighlok] Lights out, I’m
putting you to bed, Ranger, without even a bed time story! But seeing you lose will be a happy ending for me, at least! [Antonio] Think again,
Battle Disc, scattershot! (monster yells) (rangers yelling) Haven’t you heard, school’s
out for the summer! Is anyone up for dodge ball? Let’s just say adios to all of them! Gold Ranger, ready! C’mon LZ. C’mon LightZord, we need your help! C’mon LZ, I believe in you. Shine through those clones
so we can see the real one. (zord beeps) Okay, I think we’re ready. We’re a great team, but it’s
time for you to shine, LZ. Let there be light! (zord beeps) [Nighlok] No, what’s happening!? Not cool. [Antonio] Now that you’re alone, let’s see what you got. (upbeat rock music) Barracuda Blade! (yells) [Nighlok] You’re attacking
me with common swords? Apparently you haven’t heard the news. (tense music) Think of it as your personal apocalypse. [Antonio] LZ and I thought we’d stop by and shock some sense into ya!
What!? [Antonio] So much for the
era of the laser blaster! You guys can’t hit a (yells). Oh!
No! Huh?
Antonio! [Antonio] Yeah, it’s gonna take more than Moogers to slow us down! [Kevin] Time to team up! [Rangers] Quintuple slash! (monster roars) (explosion echoes) Om! [Antonio] Whoa, this isn’t good. (people yelling) Stop right there, Nighlok! Oh, so you wanna get in on this too! [Antonio] What did
you do to those people? I just gave them a little stomach bug, and there’s no cure! (bug buzzes) [Antonio] Yeah, well
what if I defeat you? You can’t, if you’re sick too! (explosions echo) [Antonio] We’re happy
to bug you any day! Any time! [Nighlok] Meddling! [Antonio] Right, five
disc Octo-Cannon, ready! Think again! Cannon blast, strike! (rangers yell) (explosions echo) (speaks in foreign language) These guys get uglier
every time I see ’em! Time to hang you up! [Nighlok] Take a whiff of this! [Antonio] Ow! (explosions echo) Guy’s no ordinary Nighlok. [Nighlok] One puny
Ranger, all by himself? It’s too easy! (laughs) Let’s see how this grabs ya! Do you need a lift? [Antonio] Whoa! (grunts) Mike, break free if you can! (zord beeps) Hey, nice job! Way to bring it, LZ! No, LightZord! C’mon we gotta keep the pressure on him! What!? Spin fang! Catch! [Rangers] Super power capture! (playful music) [Antonio] Octo-Arms, yehaw! Barracuda Blade. (yells) Barracuda blitz! Barracuda fire! Oh no, I need to help them. I’ll text OctoZord. Now’s your chance buddy, let’s show ’em what you can do! Now it’s time for your big moment, buddy! (speaks in foreign language) Nice entrance Octo! This one’s all ours (speaks
in foreign language)! Mega Mode power! (yells) We’re ready to roll, let’s do this, baby! Alright Nighlok! Come out come out wherever you are! Octo, ink cloud! [Nighlok] Aw nuts! [Antonio] Aha, got ya! (explosions echo)
(monster yells) Yeah, solid! Leave this to me, ClawZord
and I will close this deal! Samurai Morpher! Mega Mode power! ClawZord, time to cook! Let’s find out what this
Claw Disc can really do! I wanna put the pinch on this guy! Alright! [Nighlok] Hey crabby! Did ya like getting cooked? [Antonio] Time to try
out these pincer claws! (explosions echo) (monster yells) [Nighlok] Enough
fooling around, crabcakes. Rise up, giant Moogers! [Antonio] This will
be a golden opportunity for some target practice! Claw spinners! Now for our big trick! ClawZord transformation, ha! (upbeat rock music) Time to call the beast of the east! Claw Battlezord East, ready! You want some more, check this out! Go west, young lobster! Claw Battlezord West, ready! You got it! Why don’t we go down south? Claw Battlezord South, ready! [Nighlok] Come on, what’s
with all the costume changes? Pick one! [Antonio] Deal with it, Nighlok! That’s just the way we roll! [Nighlok] Ah, big deal! [Antonio] I’ve got a
special combo just for you! (monster grunts) Did you really think you
could get away with this? We’ll beat you like a drum every time, until every single Nighlok is defeated! Hey, I want those spirits
back, and I want ’em now! Double katana strike! (monster yells) [Nighlok] You crabby crustacean! Cut it out! [Antonio] Not cut, just slashes! Let’s mix things up! Mega Blade activate! ♪ Go go Power Rangers ♪ ♪ Go go Power Rangers ♪ [Antonio] Claw Battlezord East, ready! [Nighlok] Uh oh! [Antonio] Claw Battlezord
East, claw pincher slash! ♪ Go go Power Rangers ♪ [Antonio] That should do it! [Nighlok] No! (explosion echoes) [Antonio] Fantastico! (tense music) (energy hums) (explosions echo) [Both] Yeah! [Levi] Let’s rock and roll! [Antonio] Barracuda Blade! [Levi] Rock shot!