Another example of chips very common is Green Tourmaline. Green Tourmaline is a gemstone that has the ability to balance masculine energies and is typically used by men to help them
feel maybe more athletic, to bring forward their masculinity. Well, the thing is with the chip form, if you wear chips of Green Tourmaline, that energy is going to be very stimulating
and perhaps more so than is in balance for that individual. It could stimulate masculine tendencies that may not be as desirable, but in the rounded form of Green Tourmaline, you don’t have any of that. In fact, we like to put rounded Green Tourmaline with other colors of Green Tourmaline so that different frequencies of masculine
energy can be brought forward and nourished, so it’s very, very nice. It’s very nice. The wearer gets a spectrum of Green Tourmaline frequencies and also the blossoming of that masculine energy and the balancing of the feminine comes more naturally.