Hey Rhonda, what’s today my birthday what? How old are you? Hey Okay Does that mean you get three for the presents? Yes, this one is from me Yeah, what do you think of this, honey Is it a shopkins dollhouse Wow, look at that. This is the shopkins happy places grand mansion Really Excited girl. Yes. We got your house put together. Look at that Daddy help me daddy help you. Oh, what’s that? We’ll check it out Chandeliers in the bathtub already. We’ve got a beautiful light. I don’t even have a garage Yeah, we’re gonna have to get some cutie cars for that around the back. So this is the back side. There’s a cute little chair We’re gonna have to Oh bedroom set So we’re getting our big chandelier dog out and look it comes with a special VIP card for Veronica Look how pretty she is All right, you got your dog show me ah, she’s so pretty look at these fantastic shoes Wow, she is pretty So our doll came with These shopkins. Jemima jewels drooling of gem crystal quartz Deamonte a jewel Alina and Cris. Jela Sparkle, and I also came with a brush and a little purse How fun is that? Oh Yeah, you so happy Hey, happy birthday. Thank you