Hey everyone, its Cyrus from Gempacked. Ever
wanted to make jewelry with leather cord or thick cord but couldn’t figure out a way to
put the clasp you wanted on it? Well I ‘ve got a great trick that will allow you to use
any type clasp that you want. Thats right—any type of clasp! Almost… Except for mystery
clasps. But other than that, Every type of clasp! It’s close enough, almost every clasp.
Give me a break, come on. Alright anyways, let’s get to it. So here’s what you need. You need the wire
obviously. I have a few sizes here. And you need your cord. You are also going to need
a couple of tools. A wire cutter, a sharp one if you have one. And you are going to
need two pliers. It’s better if one of them is a little bit long to grab the wire, but
it doesn’t really matter if its a round nose or flat nose as long as you get a good grip
on it. And last but not least we need a clasp with a jump ring to attach it to. And you
need some super glue. This is to hold the wire to the cord so it doesn’t move after
we’re finished. For this kind of job, make sure you use soft
wire instead of half hard because you need it to bend—you need it to be flexible. If
you use thinner wire, then you will have to do more coils, more loops around the cord.
If you use thicker wire, then you don’t have to use as many loops, but it is harder to
bend. If you have your cord ready and can compare
it a few different sizes of wire, you will get a better idea of what will work best,
but it is a judgement call. I ended up choosing this cord—not because it looks the best,
but because it’s easier to see. And we are going to be using the 22 Gauge wire with it
because I feel like it has the best proportion to the leather cord. So let’s get started! The first thing you want to do is make sure
that the cord will fit into the clasp. But if it doesn’t you can always just get a jump
ring and put it in like that and then attach the jump ring to the clasp later. But we are
going to do both ends, so it doesn’t really matter for now. So we put the jump ring through. Make sure
that you have more cord than what you need because you can always cut off the end, but
you can’t add to it later. Especially if this is your first time doing this, you want to
make sure you have enough room. Same goes for the wire. You don’t want to take too little
and be sorry later. Again, we are using soft wire. We are going
to pinch it at the end and make a neat coil. So notice how this part at the top is not
so clean. Don’t worry about that, we are going to pull on it later. We made these five neat
coils. The number of coils that you need depends on the wire that you are using and the size
of your cord. But for this I think that five is probably good. And we can’t just end it
here, we need to make sure it will keep its shape. So with this end, we are going to thread
it right through the bottom here and actually make a knot out of this. This isn’t a wire
wrap after all, this is a knot. It’s a lot easier if the wire is straight. The wire came
out of this end. I am going to use one of my pliers and just pull. So we basically have
a knot and all we need to do now is just tighten it. Just going to pull from both ends—this
is where the pliers might come in handy. You can try pulling it with your hands first though.
So let’s just make sure it looks good from all sides. This feels pretty safe to me. You
can go and tighten it a little bit more if you want. You can rotate it using your plier,
each layer at a time. You can kind of see that there is a little bit of slack each time I go around. I am just going one layer at a time and once I get to the bottom, you see the slack there at the bottom and I can just pull. Again, you can use the flat nose to
make it a little bit neater. So this is basically it. All we need to do now is just clean it up and cut the ends off and make sure its nice and clean. I showed you this trick in some other videos,
but I am going to show you again because it is just so useful. When we need to cut the
wire really close, I am just going to make a small mark into the wire without actually
cutting through. Just going to nick it like that, and bend it off. If I tried to cut it
through, it wouldn’t really go. So I just try to get in there as far as I can, as deep
as I can. And there we go. So we have this part done. To finish it off
we just need to secure it a little bit with the super glue. I’m going to do it right there
where the end is. Just a drop, you don’t want to put too much or the leather gets brittle.
And then on the short end of the leather, we are going to do the same thing. We are
going to put a drop of super glue on that end only and cut carefully. You don’t want
to nick the other when which we will be using. And then one last bit—one really really
tiny drop of super glue right there. And then you have one half of it finished. Now I am just going to do the other side really quick so you can see it again. Coil the wire neatly around the cord. Thread
the end through, pull it out with the plier, and pull both ends to tighten it up. After
its tightened up, you can go a little bit further with a plier to try and make it a
little bit tighter. Oh, and one more thing I forgot to mention
is before you actually cut the ends and finish it up, you need to make sure it is whatever
length you want so you can adjust it while you can still make changes. Cut that end, cut the other end, being extra
careful. Drop of super glue, and then on the short end as well. Alright, so there we go.
And there it is. I sped through this a little bit so it’s not perfect, but it’s pretty close.
I mentioned that this will work with any clasp and the trick to that is these jump rings
right here at the end. And there you go. Not something you see everyday but hey, I said
every clasp right? Now this takes a little bit of practice, but
once you get the hang of it its a really useful skill to have because you don’t have to worry
about not being able to use a clasp that you want. Try it out, practice it a couple of
times and once you get the hang of it, things will get a lot easier
really fast.