hi everyone welcome back to another
video of our ultimate guide on how to choose your engagement ring design we’ve talked about
prong tips in our previous video today we will be moving on to another component
of a diamond ring design which is the crown head unlike your prong tips which are
miniature the size the crown head setting of an engagement ring is largely visible and
contributes to the overall appearance of your engagement ring the crown head
comes in many wonderful designs and you’ll surely find a perfect fit for your engagement ring settings there are various engagement ring styles you can choose from such as Basket Halo Twist Spiral Classic Petal Trellis and your own customized version
let me begin with the classic crown head a classic 406 Frank’s design is the most
compatible for those who prefers a sleek design your classic crown head gives an
illusion of a higher diamond which showcases your diamond from all angles
next up we have the basket crown don’t be too alarmed of the name the basket
crown enhances the overall appearance of your diamond ring giving it a larger
appearance this diamond ring design is suitable for the four or six prong settings and you
don’t even a kewpie fit drawing all the attention to the
meantime a such pairing a basket crown with a simple classic 18 carat gold
setting will give it something extra without something too flashy for those
who love to keep it simple yet classic moving on we have the twist spiral crown head as the name suggest the twist spiral crown has a twist tearing contrary to the basket crown the spiral crown rose and elegant twist at
the base of the crown for those who prefer something slightly fancier a
twist spiral crown setting would be your best choice next up is a trellis crown where
it has three different stones at the crown of your ring if you’re accustomed
to referring this crown head design as a trilogy crown they actually mean the
same customarily if you are leaning towards adding gemstones or birthstones to your design the trellis crown would definitely work in your favor this design can be extremely significant as those gemstones of birthstones in
addition to the main diamond can be very symbolic to your other half if you’re
hesitating on your choice of main diamond a round diamond paired with two
cushion shaped diamonds can also be alternative where you can have the best engagement ring design of both worlds of course if you’re looking for
something fancier the half that extra bling a halo crown comes with a circle
of sight diamonds encompassing your main diamond giving your diamond ring a
fuller and larger appearance compared to the previous crown setting design you can also opt for the double halo design for your engagement ring to look a lot more
grand and extravagant our halo crowns also have two different mounting styles for you to choose from the traditional halo is run into the level of the
halo have slept this can also be modified into a flaunted fashion whether
the halo was set at an angle an angled halo level creates a gradual hill effect on the
diamond giving it a softer feel whereas a traditional flat halo will give the main
diamond a larger appearance from the top not to forget your halo design also
ensures that your diamond ring carries a hint of rustic appeal which would appeal
to vintage lovers out there so guys bear this mind if your other half has a particular fondness for all things vintage moving on if you prefer engagement ring settings that are unique and special a petal crown should do the
trick your diamond is intricately wrapped with rose petals which also
exudes an elegant appeal to create contrasts choosing a rose gold or yellow
gold for your rose petal design can further highlight your petals this
flower design could also be absolutely meaningful engagement ring style as you’re gifting her with everlasting flowers lastly your very own customized crown design it can be derived from a symbolic design that you treasure with your partner or simply a
character that in a partner adores designing their own custom diamond ring can also be a great fun when you’re incorporating unique characters onto your diamond ring we have several customized crown setting designs that incorporates letters at the crowns and and initials of your partner and your own could be fused at the crown of the engagement ring At times we could also have melee gemstones that
can be situated at the bottom of the crown which can be visible once you’ve
used a ring from the side this can also be extremely symbolic as birthstones are
commonly used nonetheless do consider the enduring nature of your ring where
your partner was to wear it 40 50 and 60 years down the road the engagement ring style you incorporate should be one that is often an everlasting nature that your
partner will wear forever and we’ve come to an end of today’s video we hope you
have learned more about the crown head setting design you can choose for your engagement ring
please feel free to let us know which crown head design is your favorite on the
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learning more about diamonds ring materials or various engagement ring design
thank you and see you next time