If you have a ring security camera there
is a new feature that you should know about because you might want to enable
it. Color night-vision. It’s being rolled out at the moment to all of the wired
cameras that Ring has and it’ll be coming later to battery-powered cameras. Before I show you how to enable it though, here’s an example of what it
looks like and what it can do. This is a regular night vision image and this
one is with the color night vision. I think you can see there is a marked
difference between the two. The color night vision on this shot at the moment
looks like it has some extra green tinges to it but when cars come by and
headlights illuminate things you’ll see more color. Also in this shot now if I
switch the light on on my camera you should see that the picture there is in
color. So that’s what it looks like, here’s how to enable it. The first thing
you want to do obviously is start your Ring app and then you need to choose one
of your wired cameras, so this one above my driveway, and before it even activates
we can go into the settings in the top corner here and you want to scroll down
here to find video settings. Click that and up comes the toggle for color night vision. It’s as simple as switching it on or off in that dialogue. And that’s
all there is to it you will see immediately that color night vision is
added to your camera so check it out. The amount of color it sees is going to be
dependent on how much ambient light there is around so say lights on the
front of your house, street lamps in the street, the moon, stuff like that is going
to influence how much color you see but next time it’s dark go check it out and
see what you think.