And one of the gentlest ways to introduce
yourself your energy field to the necklace is to begin to allow it to move in your energy
field. Just invite it to begin moving and it’s really interesting how quickly the
gemstones can pick up on your body’s natural energy flows and how your body’s higher
intelligence will begin to move the gemstones in different ways. It’s as though your energy
field realizes that by moving the gemstones, that there are actual changes and shifts that
can begin happening in your aura. There can be tightnesses that are released, unwanted
energies that are dissipated, nourishment that is received. And each of the movements
that we’ve identified, 27 of them to date, different movements—archetypical movements—and
each of them has specific purpose, each of them does something unique in the aura, and
if you learn what they are, then you can get a sense of what the gems are doing for you.
And what I’m doing right now, this is actual vertical circling. I’m not telling the gemstones
what to do; they’re just doing it themselves in concert with the needs of my body’s energy
field. So we’re doing a vertical circling at the heart, and that means that information
is being exchanged between my heart at the physical level and it looks like, I’d say
that’s probably causal level of my aura, that’s how far we are reaching into my energy
field. And then just allow the gemstones to move—looks like they’re moving to my back.
I don’t know if you can see this but they’re actually placing down right in the center
of my back; they don’t want to move they want to be placed. So I am just holding the
gems there where they want to be. Give them some time, because it seems like they’re
very happy there. And if I tune into my body to see what’s happening, I notice that the
gemstone energies are filling my torso, especially my stomach. They’re coming in and filling
this midsection of my body. Anyway, you can continue for as long as you would like, getting
to know your gemstones and if you do this before you put the necklace on, even every
day you decide “okay well this is the particular necklace that wants to work with me today
or vice versa”, pick it up, just let it move in your energy field for a little while.
This one wants to go to my back again, so okay, I’ll let it bet there. So let it move
around your body for a while, and then, when you realize “whoops, well, it’s time to
get to work” I really can’t go holding this necklace on my back anymore, so I can
just put it on and go about my day and know that those areas that I worked on, the heart
and this spot on my back and how it was reaching into my stomach, that’s all going to get
specific emphasis of a gemstone energies as I wear the necklace. I hope you enjoy working
with your therapeutic gemstones in this way.