hey guys welcome back to my channel this
is Rangel timely vlogs so I do something on the side that most people are like
whoa you do this on the side well as you know I am a spiritual medium and I make
crystals on the side and I wanted to show you so this is how I make my
crystals I just put them on my stainless steel chain with something in the middle
so it can’t move on the chain so if you’re interested in learning how to do
this stay tuned okay so for crystal making you’re gonna need a pins which
are these little ones that look like a little hook pin with a circle at the end
you’re gonna need your chain it doesn’t matter if it’s stainless steel or
anything I get mine off HD you’re gonna need pliers and you’re gonna need wire
cutters which looks like this first things first you’re gonna choose a
crystal for the sake of this video I’m just gonna do a small one which is gonna
be a little spear course sorry for the noise in the back so for the sake of
this video you put your eye pin through your crystal head and it’s gonna look
like this and you’re gonna put it through the head you’re gonna make sure
that it’s even I’m gonna have to trim this one a little bit because it’s not as close that I would like it okay so
you’re gonna take your pliers and you’re going to pull this up into a shape a
little circle like a little eye pin and it’s going to look something like
this just until you put your chain on so let me grab the chain and the chain
comes pre-made I don’t have chains that are not free made alright so you’re
gonna let your chain flat and because this one’s already pre-made you’re gonna
click is gonna pick the smallest hook at the end to cut that that measures what
you would cut so then you take your pliers and you just cut one of the links
off I never can do this so one of the sides is attached to the eye pin and I’m
just gonna go ahead and show you that the other at the other side of the eye
pin is open and I’m just going to apply the other piece of the chain into the
other side of the eye pin so once that is applied you take your pliers and you
just close close it there you go so your finish result will
have a beautiful crystal of your choice and a beautiful chain and you cannot
remove the crystal off the chain because it’s connected to the eye pin so it will
never come off the chain does that make sense I hope it makes sense and I hope
this video has helped you you can make big ones or you can make what a little
ones miss a big ones or little ones and you just apply them to the eye oh why am
i horrible you can apply them to the eye pins and to the stainless steel the
chains I use stainless steel because my clients do not want a chain that resists
so this is a clear quartz and this is a rose quartz and a little one thank you
so much for watching this video and I really hope you does exactly what the
crystal necklace will look like on this is the clear quartz that I just made in
the video but I wanted to show you so when I say it doesn’t come off the chain
it’s literally on there with the eye pin like it cannot move around these are
very popular in my shop the wild crystal moon and that’s why I wanted to share
them with you guys so you guys can make your own crystal jewelry