Hey everyone. Rubber Band Designs here. We are making
earrings this week. This is a very fun design to
do and very easy and simple. This is part of
our basic series, and you could definitely
do it a pair of earrings, and love them. So let’s go ahead
and get started For this design, you will need
one pair of scissors, one hook, one loom, two french
hook earring wires. I’m using six pink
bands, four yellow bands, four orange bands, four
green bands, four blue bands, four purple band,
and four red bands, as well as one pink finishing
band, and an extra black band that we will be using. Go ahead and get started. We are going to start at
the bottom of the loom, when the arrow is facing
away from you. Make sure the loom is
facing the correct way. We’re going to
put two pink bands from the bottom middle peg
to the bottom right peg. Next, I’m going to
put two yellow bands from the bottom right
peg up to the middle peg, making a zigzag line. We will not be using the
rows of pegs on the left. We would just be simply
going back and forth, like we’re doing
a basic bracelet. Next. I’m going to put
two orange bands, going back over to
the right, and then two green bands
over to the left. And I’m going to continue
going back and forth, using all my bands
that I have here. [MUSIC PLAYING] This is what your loom
should look like right now. And now, I’m going to put
just one single black band at the very end. This band is going to be cut. So I’m just using an extra
color that I have a lot of, because it’s going to
be cut and will not be able to be used for
anything else after that. Now we are ready to
turn our loom around. And we are going to be hooking
these bands just the same way that you would do
a basic bracelet, starting with the
second peg, we’re going to get those pink bands,
pull them up and onto the peg that they came on, and continue. Oh-oh. They’re all wanting to come off. Getting all your
bands around– it’s tricky, because you’re using
two bands at a time now. So you want to make sure you
get both of them off each side and on to the next peg. Continue doing this all
the way through our loom. [MUSIC PLAYING] When you have finished
hooking all your rubber bands, you’re going to stick our
hook all the way through with that last one, and keep
your rubber band on there as you pull your bands off. Stretch out your
earring a little bit. Make sure it is not too twisted. Stretch it out to get it
a little bit straighter. And put your hook through
both of your bands. So you’re going to have two,
four, six, eight of your bands on there. We are going to hook
in our finishing band through the middle of them. Let me twist it a little bit
to try to keep a hold of it. [MUSIC PLAYING] And now you want to
take your earring hook and that little opening in it,
we are going to slip it on. Slip our bands into it. First one goes on a little bit
easier than that second does. There it goes And
now we’re going to cut off that extra
little band there. And there you have it. You have your earrings– very
fun, bright, and colorful. If you tried this design, please
go over to Instagram and tag #banddesigns over there, so we
can see your creations as well. We would love to
see what you made. This is a design and part of
our basic series that we have. You can go through
and click through and see all the rest
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