hi this is Denise Mathew and today I’m
going to make this copper lariat, last time I made a copper necklace I used just
wire and I thought I would try it again because it was fun to do and people
liked it. As before I’ve made all the chain, this is a swirl kind of chain that
I’ve made. I’ll show you how to make that. I’ve used several different gemstone
briolettes but you could use crystals or just plain beads. And for the focal I
used a rock crystal quartz nugget but you could also use a charm or anything
you really want, as long as it has a little bit of weight to it so that it
will hold the lariat down. The whole piece measures 22 inches and the
gemstone part is about 8 inches it will take some time to make but I think it’s
worth the effort, so let’s get started I’m working with a 20 gauge wire you
could go up to an 18 if you wanted to but I wouldn’t go much higher because it
might be a little bit difficult to work with. It takes between two and two and a half
inches of wire to make the seven millimeter links you’re just going to make
a circle to start but just keep in mind that you’re going to need to put the
same gauge wire that you’re using through that link and I’ll show you how
that works later. Then you’re just slowly going to start to make that into a
scroll I like to use my pliers to continue on with the scroll but you can
use your fingers if you prefer or whatever feels comfortable you’re going to
continue making their scroll until you have about a quarter to a half an inch
of wire left over when you’ve made it as big as you want
then you’re gonna angle the wire just like that then you’re going to take your pliers
and then do a 90 degree angle and then just wrap the wire around your pliers so
that you have a loop and if you have a little too much wire you can just trim
it back because you don’t want the wire to overlap and the more of these you
make the more accurate you will be with your wire measurements you’re just going
to open that loop so you can attach it to the other chain and it goes right
through this circle that’s why I said you need to have enough space so that
the gauge of wire can go through just close that loop and then that would be
one link in your chain and you’re going to continue to do the same thing if you want to add a crystal I’ll show
you how to do that right now when you’re adding a crystal to your
scroll you want to have a little bit extra wire probably about a quarter of
an inch more than you did for just the plain scroll so you’re just going to do
it the same way to start with a little circle with the scroll and just start to
build on the scroll until you have probably about between three quarters of
an inch and one inch left of wire as I’ve said before you can always tape
your pliers if you’re worried about the marking your wire and you’re gonna bend the wire just like
you did before and then add a crystal I’m using a four millimeter bicone
crystal and like before you’re going to do a 90
degree angle and make a loop around your pliers and this time you want the loop
to overlap because you’re going to use that to wrap it in so it will be a
closed loop just slide that open loop into the last link you made and then
just close the loop you you can use a briolette or you could use
a charm or whatever you want for your focal what I’m going to use today is a
rock crystal quartz faceted nugget it’s 20 millimeter by 15 millimeter keeping
with the theme of the scroll I’m just gonna start a scroll here and I’m gonna
put that as a scroll type head pin for the Nugget bead working with about a
half a foot of 24 gauge wire you can make the scroll as big or as small as
you like and when you feel it’s just the right size and you can stop and then
just thread on your bead and all you need to do is push the
scroll up against the bottom of the bead now you can just make a standard wrap
loop on the top or you could do a loop with a scroll like I’m gonna do if you’re just making a rap loop then
you’re going to trim it close to where you were rapping otherwise you can leave
about an inch to an inch and a half so you can use that as a top scroll then
you’re going to do exactly the same thing as you did for the other scroll once you’re done with this scroll you
can push it flat against the bead and adjust it the way you want it you I’m working with a 24 gauge
and I just made a loop and I’m just gonna attach that right to the Nugget
bead that I just made then just close the loop and then you can slide on your
briolette bead or whatever type of bead you’re using I’m using an 8 millimeter
by 8 millimeter or Sleeping Beauty turquoise bead you’re gonna slightly
angle your loop up then you’re gonna do a loop on the other side but before you
close that loop you’re going to add a 10 millimeter jump ring now you could use a
bigger or smaller jump ring if you want ideally a closed jump ring would work
best because it’ll make your lariat more sturdy and when you’re making your loop
just leave a little bit of space between your loop and the bead and that will be
where you can do your wraps and like I said just slide on your ten
millimeter jump ring and then you’re going to close that loop and if you notice I’m making my raps
exactly where I left that space between the bead and the loop when you’ve
wrapped as much as you can you’re just going to trim that back and tuck in any
stray wires you’re gonna do another open loop and
you’re going to attach it to the jump ring you just attached and then just
close it then you’re gonna add your next bead
exactly as you did before the only thing you’ll do differently is that you’re
going to place the bead so it’s pointing opposite to the way you put the other
bead on then you’re going to make a loop add
your next jump ring and then close a loop then you can trim it back and tuck in
any stray wires and continue on the same way until you use up as many briolettes
as you want to I’m gonna keep adding beads and I’ll come back and put it all
together when I’m done I’ve added 710 millimeter jump rings and
also all the gemstone beads so my dangle is about eight inches and I’m just gonna
do one more wrapped loop and attach it to the last ten millimeter jump ring I
used and add one four millimeter bicone then I’m just gonna do a ninety degree
angle and then another loop and I’m gonna slide on the link of the chain I
made the crystal side one and then just close that loop so you’re gonna have two
crystals together and that will link your lariat dangle to your actual chain
the length of the chain that I attached was about six inches I’m working on the
other side of the lariat and I have six more inches of chain and I just did a
scroll and it’s three inches because I need to have a bigger loops because I’m
going to attach my circle now that I have my scroll attached to the other
chain I’m just gonna add a four millimeter bicone and then make an open
loop like you did before but you’re gonna have to make it a little bit
bigger because you want to make sure that your circle can easily fit on it I’m using a 20 millimeter circle and
just slide it right on to your loop and then you’re just going to close that
loop the one thing you want to keep in mind when you’re picking your circle and
your beads is that the beads easily pass through the circle otherwise your lariat
won’t work properly now that I have both sides of the Lariat
done I’m just going to attach them with an s-shaped closure and a circle and you
can use any type of clasps you want you can use the spring clasp or a lobster
claw or even a toggle clasp next thing you’re going to do is just measure how
long you want to have your dangle and then you’re going to make sure that you
have equal lengths of chain on both sides and if you don’t you can add or
subtract whatever you need to do and if you don’t really care if the lengths are
equal you can just leave it as it is but I just like to do it because when I’m
adding a class but I want to make sure that it’s equal to add your clasp you’re
just going to do a closed loop on the last link of the chain that you made and
then just put another bicone crystal on and then just make another open loop and
then attach it to your clasp and then just close your loop and you’re gonna do the exact same thing
on the other side just add an open loop to the last link of the chain and you’re
going to close it and then add your crystal then another open loop and then you can
add the other side of your clasp and close it and that would be a completed lariat this completes the tutorial I hope you
liked it if you did please like share and subscribe and comment and we’ll see
you next time thanks for coming bye for now