Hello everyone and welcome back to Cabin Ceramics. Today I’m gonna show you how to make these really quick and easy
porcelain earrings. I’m even wearing some! Okay to make these quick and easy
porcelain earrings you are gonna need some off cuts of clay, this is the
porcelain grog clay that I got from Valentines Clays, it’s leftover clay
from a vase that I made, so always make sure you’re using off cuts if you’re gonna
make some jewelry. You’ll also need a rolling pin, a piece of calico on the
table, a tiny square cookie cutter, you can get these on Amazon and this one
particular one is from a gingerbread house that I bought online. So if you
go to Amazon and you just click mini shape cutters you’ll find some of these
in circular shapes, square shapes, triangle shapes. I’m also gonna be using some nano
decorating slip, this is porcelain decorating slip and this color is
forget-me-not. So let’s roll out the clay first of all That’s about the right thickness. 3mm
I’d say. Taking the square cutter… Now what you want to do is don’t put
your fingernail through, you just want to get… …your finger and just push. Another way to get out if you’ve not got
really slim fingers is if you use the back of a paintbrush, just tap, don’t
push too much just tap first of all and then push through, and then just
flatten with your finger and as you can see that’s just the same. So I usually use a bit of plaster just to leave these to dry. I leave them to dry for about ten
minutes and then I will add the decorating slip. Look how many you can cut out
with just a small piece of clay Wow, they look fab! The squares have had about ten minutes
of drying time I’m now going to add the slip I’m just gonna use what’s inside the
lid. So I’m gonna use a little bit You want a really tiny brush. I’m just gonna
go with a stripe just across the top That’s how we’re gonna make the earrings
I’ll leave them overnight to dry or might leave them a couple of day but
before I put them in the kiln now if you don’t have access to a kiln I’ve got
another way in which you can do this you could use air drying clay and then you
can decorate with acrylic paints, let them dry, let them dry overnight, and then
you can just put a transparent gloss over the top and your earrings will just
look fabulous. So the earrings have had a bisque firing
and they’ve turned out really well so what I’m gonna do now is sand the backs down,
they need to be really smooth. I’m just using a pot to collect any dust. I’m
just gonna add a transparent glaze using my favorite still: Pottery Crafts
transparent glaze. Let’s give this a goood shake! I’m just looking to do two coats. You’ve got to be SUPER strong to
be a ceramicist. Picking up clay, picking up big bags of clay, opening
jars. so you might not be able to see that so a little bit closer. We’re just looking for two like layers. I’ll do a little close-up on this as
well. Yeah look how quickly the transparent glaze has taken to the one on the right.
it’s covered up all the blue. So hopefully these pieces will come out the glaze firing really well. So this is how the porcelain earrings
turned out, I’m really pleased with them, lovely and shiny. So I’m going to now
show you how you can add the earring backs. Okay you’re gonna need some glue e6000 and some silver backs so just need to add the glue I’m adding it to the back in the middle Be really careful lining this up just a little tiny press Move that one to the side and do the next one. I’m gonna leave these to set for 24
hours. I just want to share with you some videos that I’ve got coming up in
the next few months. I’m gonna do a series on my kiln because people have
been asking me about my kiln, asking me lots of questions about how to program
it, how to load it so they’re gonna be coming up in the next few months and
it’s officially spring here in the UK so I want to show you how to make this
really lovely porcelain vessel or vase. It does hold water, I’m going to show you
how to get the texture into this work I’m also going to show you how to glaze
the piece as well so if you’ve not subscribed already
and you want to see more videos please do and I’ll see you on the next video.
Thanks for watching.