We’re going to show you how easy it is
to transform a tin soda can into a pair of punched tin earrings.The first thing
you want to do is empty out your soda can. We’ve just got a generic can from
the grocery store because we picked out the colors that we like. We looked at all
the cans and we liked this red and blue with these dots. And we rinsed out our
can and there’s a little bit of fluid left in it but that’s okay.
We’ve got kitchen scissors and we’re just going to dive in and stab a hole
and at the side of this can to get started and it looks scary but really
it’s not I’m gonna open them up and very carefully punch a hole right in the top
of the pan like that and from there I can just start cutting the top of my can
off so there’s the top of my can cut off I’m just gonna set that aside and you
can see they’ve got some tin edges here that are a little bit pokey just be
careful it’s not actually that crazy sharp but just be careful so you don’t
cut yourself and I’m gonna take a paper towel and we’re going to just sort of
wipe out a little bit of the fluid here so it doesn’t get all over my work
surface and I’m going to continue to cut my can and at this point what I like to
do is look for the part of the can that I know I don’t want in my earrings and
I’m going to cut there I’m going to cut a slit right up the side that and then
I’m going to sneak my scissors into the bottom edge there and cut the bottom of
the can and there’s the bottom of my can and now
what I can do is take my paper towel and just wipe out a little bit of water
that’s left in there from when I washed out my can
and there we have a nice big piece of decorated tin from our soda can and what
we like to do now is take a craft punch this is just a heart craft punch from
the scrap booking section of the craft store and a little trick with this is
instead of using the hole punch this way to punch my tin if I used it this way I
wouldn’t be able to see which part of the can design I’m getting in my
earrings so instead I’m going to use it upside down and I’m gonna slide like the
edge of my can into my punch like that so that I can see through the little
back here I can move this around to pick out what I want my designing to be and I
think I like this red and blue in my design like that so I’m gonna then just
punch it you can flip it over to punch if you want I’m going to do it this way
so you can see it and then I can just pull my little heart that I punched out there’s my first little heart punch
super cute oh the water there and then I’m gonna look again and see if I see
another spot I like and I think I want to get up a little of this circle up
here so I’m gonna cut part of this can off cut it away so it’s out of the way
and I’m going to cut some of the bottom of this off and that way I can get the
heart up where I want it on on this design on this can so again I’m just
going to move it around until I until I like my composition but that looks fun
I’m gonna punch again pop my little heart out like that and there are my two
little hearts that I’m going to turn into earrings and I like that they’re a
little bit different from each other and I love that I’ve got a little bit of
color on each one super-fun now I’m going to take just a
regular hole punch and this is just a one that you would use from you know
you’re out of your office supplies and for this design I’m going to punch a
hole in the upper left of my heart they’re not in the center I want it to
sort of hang from one side and again I’m going to use the punch facing up so I
can see where I’m punching the hole I want to make sure that I’ve got enough
of an edge all the way around my hole so that I want to put my jump ring in it
doesn’t tear through the little edge and I want it kind of centered along that
edge so I’m just going to punch that and there’s my first little hole punch and
I’ll do that again in the upper left of this one and again I want to make sure
I’ve got it in the right spot punch it again and now all I have to do is turn
these into earrings and to do that I’m going to take a jump ring and I’ve got
kind of a large jump ring and I’m going to hold it with some chain nose pliers
just because it makes it a little bit easier to handle and I’m going to feed
that the little hole that I just made through my jump ring and then I’m going
to close the jump ring and to close the jump ring I’m going to hold the jump
ring on one side of that opening with my chain nose pliers I’m going to grab a
second pair of pliers and I’m going to rotate this jump ring closed just like
that and that’ll keep that nice round shape of my jump ring and I’ll do that
again with my other earring just like that and then close it you can always make sure that your jump
ring is closed by sort of pressing across the opening also to make sure
that it’s closed and now what I can do is open the loop on my earring wire and
to do that I’m just using chain nose pliers and I’m just going to rotate that
loop to the side kind of like I’m opening a door I don’t want to pull it
this way because I’ll lose the roundness of my loop there and now I’m just going
to hang my jump ring on that loop and close my the loop on my earring wire and
I’ll do that with my other earring as well I’ll open up the earring wire the
loop like that slide the jump ring over that little loop and then close it and
my earrings look fabulous but just as an added bonus I’m going to add a bead to
each of my earring wires and to do that I’m just gonna slide the bead onto the
back of the earring wire and we tested these beads to make sure they fit over
the wire so not all beads are gonna fit nicely over the earring wire but these
happen too which is nice and it just adds a little bit of color we’ll do the
same thing with our other earring take the earring wire at the back of it and
our little bead slide that on and up and over and around like that. And there are
our darling punched tin heart earrings.