Hi I’m Courtney Gray over here at Hard Core
Studios on the east side of Austin, Texas. Courtneygrayarts.com I’m going to show you
what I teach most of my students over here, one on one. Basically I teach creative wax
carving. What I’ve done here, I’m going to demonstrate for you, is the process of
lost wax casting. This is the final step of your wax carving lesson. You will take your
wax that your carved, exactly to size and proportion to what you want to make in silver,
gold or platinum. We don’t actually cast platinum here it’s a different process,
but basically, this is what you would do. You would take your wax and with a wax pin,
which is basically like a soldering iron, a heated pin, you would connect your wax to
a feed line which we call a sprue and connect that to a rubber base. This is just a rubber
base that I have in different sizes and diameters of. Depending on the size of your piece, you
would use the appropriate base and flask. The flask is basically a metal pipe that’s
pretty thin in gage and you want to match that up with your rubber base. So basically
this is how we’re going to make our mold before we cast. Once you have your wax screwed
onto your base you would put your flask over that and insert a plaster type material we
call investment, it works a lot like plaster. Get that liquid, it’s a white powdery substance,
you would get the liquid and pour it around your wax into the flask with your base on.
It surrounds your wax and captures all the detail. Then basically you would let that
sit overnight preferably or at least for an hour. You would then, once it’s hard and
ready to go, you would take that base off and put it aside and you would basically have
an open cavity here where your metal is going to be inserted once you take the wax out.
You then take that flask and put it into a kiln, small jewelry kiln, is fine. People
used to use their home ovens I don’t suggest that there are a lot of fumes involved. You
take that, you put it into your kiln, you heat it up to in steps up to 1200 degrees
Fahrenheit and this will heat your wax out of your mold. We call that the burn out process
or the lost wax process. Once that is completely dissipated, the wax just dissipates with that
intense heat you have your mold that’s ready to cast. What I’m going to show you to do
today is how to take that, heat your metal and insert it into your mold using centripetal
force. This here is a centripetal casting machine that we’re going to use to do that
today. There are other types of machines that you can use, there’s vacuum casting the
main one I work with is centripetal casting. So that’s what we’re going to do.