Silver Play Button, Gold Play Button and even
Diamond Play Button! Greetings everyone, this is your gentle but yet determined YouTube
expert, Derral Eves. Did you know that YouTube has some very interesting rewards for you
as a creator when you pass certain milestones. I’ve known some creators on YouTube that
pass these milestones and didn’t even know how to claim their own reward, so in this
video I’m going to actually explain how to qualify for each milestone and show you
actually how to claim your reward from YouTube. Let’s do this. Currently
YouTube offers rewards in three different channel milestones. Milestone #1 100,000 subscribers.
When you get 100,000 subscribers, you can go ahead and get a reward that you can get
a framed limited edition silver play button personalized for your channel. Now the Second
Milestone is really exciting, it’s when you reach 1 Million subscribers, I’ve had
a few clients get that. It’s really exciting, exhilarating to see this achievement. They
used to actually give you a credit to B&H, they don’t do that anymore. However you
get a nice Golden Play button. I must say that the Gold Play Button is a lot bigger
than the Silver Play Button and for those channels that get 10 Million they get a limited
edition Diamond Faced Play Button. I don’t think there will be a lot of people that get
that but that’s pretty cool! It’s like the Holy Grail. I must admit that you got
your Silver, you got your Gold, you’ve got your Diamond, it sounds like some Multi-Level
Marketing Program. Good job YouTube. Once you’ve passed these milestones, your channel
then get’s evaluated by YouTube. To make sure that this is actually legit. Their have
been people trying to cheat the system and they get disqualified from even getting the
reward and some even got banned from YouTube. Once your channel actually qualifies and passes
this milestone then you need to find a code that YouTube’s actually going to actually
give you to redeem your prize. So I’m going to basically show you how to find this code
and how to redeem it with YouTube. Okay now that you passed that milestone, whether it’s
100,000 subscribers, million subscribers, 10 million subscribers, what the next thing
that you need to do is to request your reward you know for that Silver Play Button, that
Gold Play Button or even that Diamond Play Button. And to do this what we need to do
is mouse up to our Avatar icon. Click the icon there and come down to Creator Studio.
Now one of the things that you need to be in the habit of is once you are in the Creator
Studio is coming to where this is, this is the tips or your channel notifications. So
what we are going to do is click view all. And once we are able to see this, you are
able to see all the notifications that actually comes from YouTube to the Creators out there
and you can see right here since I surpassed 100,000 subscribers back in March they sent
me out a notification in April saying congrats on reading 100,00 subscribers! You’ve earned
yourself a prize from YouTube. Claim your prize. They also give you a code that you
can actually put in there so I’m going to go ahead and click, Claim the Prize. Let’s
go ahead and copy the code first and claim your prize. Okay, the next step is you need
to put in your verification code, so that little code, put it right here, then you need
to fill in the captcha, which this is a really tough captcha, 1234. Right. Then you agree
to the terms and services and conditions and hit continue. Once you leave this section
right here. You are going to fill in your information, what channel information, where
you want it shipped and so on. YouTube says it takes anywhere from 8-12 weeks to get your
reward back coming to you. I’ve got mine right here. Mine came a little big faster.
I’ll tell you what, I’m super excited. You know what, I’ve worked with different
businesses and brands and YouTubes channels to get their Silver Play Button and even a
Gold Play Button and now I’ve got mine thanks to you. And I’ll be honest with you, I never
dreamed this would happen this quick. I just started a channel, just shortly and we’re
hear for a very niched focused channel this is amazing and I’m really, really excited
to actually open this thing up so here we go. We got this going here, I can’t tell
you how excited I am. It’s awesome, awesome, awesome. The first thing that we see here
is a letter from Tom Pickett. Tom thank you so much. First off I appreciate you getting
me into the YouTube Certification Program 3 years ago. Thank you so much for this. Basically
there’s a nice little letter that’s generic that goes to everyone on this vellum paper.
Really cool. Basically just saying hey 100,000 subscribers packed more than the Roman Colosseum
10 times more than the Domino, Human Domino record which is cool and it goes on and on.
But here it is. This is awesome. Here is my Silver Play Button and honestly I could not
have done it without you guys. You guys have been very supportive. Watching my videos,
commenting on my videos, liking and sharing my videos. And I really, really appreciate
it. It means a lot to me as a content creator that has been doing it in my spare time to
be able to get this achievement. Honestly I know I couldn’t have done it without you
guys. And I want to thank, I feel like I’m holding a grammy here! I like to thank my
agent, I’m just joking, I don’t have an agent but I’d like to thank my family, my
wife and kids. I’ve put some extra time at work, I was able to put into this channel
and just want to thank them for their support. Especially my wife, she’s just the most
amazing women in the world and I love you Carolyn so much and my amazing five kids,
you know I couldn’t do it without them for sure. But I do want to thank everyone that
is subscribed to me the ones that watch, comment, like and share and this is awesome. I can’t
wait until we get the Gold Play Button! So here we go.