Let me start by saying, that in my opinion, gymnastic rings are the best piece of training equipment you can get. They are inexpensive, compact, easy to setup, practically indestructible, lightweight and above it all, they allow you to train your whole body. The only problem with rings is that, it’s not easy to begin working out with them, because they require a lot of strength and control to do even the simplest exercises. I remeber my first attempt at trying to work out on rings. I was quickly forced to give it up, because I wasn’t able to do anything aside from hanging. I didn’t have enough knowledge either. But the truth is, that with a little know-how you can painlessly start getting stronger with rings and build up your set of skills. Before we get down to the buisness, there’s one things to bear in mind regarding rings setup. The longer your straps are, the more unstable the rings will be. So at the beginning, don’t hang your rings very high – about 2 meters above the ground would be perfect. The biggest feature of the rings is their lack of stability. It makes all the exercises a lot harder. Dips on rings are more difficult, than dips on parallel bars, because of this very feature. As a beginner, ring stabilization is the most important thing you have to learn. Set up your rings to be on the height of your hips, grab the rings and slowly start transitioning your bodyweight onto your arms. When you feel confident enough, lift your legs off the ground. At first, your hands will tramble a lot and your goal is to try to keep them close to the body, as steady as you can. Try to hold the position for a few seconds, focusing on stabilizing your hands. Your arms can be slightly bent in elbows. This exercise should be your main focus at this stage. Get to 15 seconds of steady hold before progressing to harder variations, like advanced support hold. Another great exercise to build up your stabilization capability is plank with hands on rings. Set them up to be a few centimeters above the ground and get into the plank position. Here you should also build up at least 15 seconds of steady hold, before going on. After you’ve learned how to be steady on rings, it’s time to start moving – in a controlled way. Get to the support position and start bending your elbows. Keep the rings close to your body – it will help to remain stable. When you get to the bottom start pushing up. And there you have it, you’ve done your first ring dip. This is easily one of my favourite exercise on rings. It requires a lot of strength and control and can be easily modified to get even harder. Get to at least 10 good reps. Try to remain stable throughout the whole movement. Next big exercise is rings push ups. Get to the plank position on rings and slowly lower your chest and then push up. Focus on stabilizing your hands, especially, when you’re pushing up. Keep all muscles tight. Progress to at least 10 good reps. Another thing that is important to train from the beginning is false grip. It is going to be crucial in the future, when learning the muscle up. This is the kind of grip, where the ring is not inside your hand, but under it, in a place where your wirst bends. Practice hanging with a false grip – at the beginning with bent arms as it’s easier. Then, when you get better, try slowly straightening your arms. Progress to a point where you can hang with false grip for at least 15 seconds. Pull ups are also significant part of ring training. I recommend doing them with a neutral grip, which means that you start with an overhand grip and rotate wrists during the movement. If you’re having trouble with them, focus on getting stronger with easier variations like inclined pull ups or pull ups with feet on elevation. From here the adventure with rings just kicks off. Ahead lays the land of possibilties. The only thing that limits you is your imagination. I still, even after a few years of training, come up with new exercise ideas. You can progress for decades using just rings. The hardest thing is to do the first step, but once you get on the path, you’ll never look back. Hope you like the video, as always if you have any questions just leave a comment. Also please leave a thumb up on this video, it helps a lot. See you next time!