hi everybody at Sloane Rhodes here I’m
making this video for you today about the beautiful crystal aquamarine so
aquamarine has long been worn by sailors as an amulet for protection against
drowning it’s a very calming and nurturing stone ax has a very receptive
energy and it is associated with the element of water and with the with the
moon with the lunar qualities of the Moon which would be more kind of
nurturing calming getting in touch with your psychic nature understanding when
to retreat and when to flow forward so the ebb and flow of life it is a stone
that I kind of associate as having qualities that are similar to amethyst
and rose quartz in that it’s just very nurturing it’s very calming when you
hold it you just kind of feel relaxed you know it’s a butte is what’s the
color is also extremely relaxing color as we know through color therapy this
color blue is very relaxing it does lend you to feel creative you know and often
creative epiphanies come from the subconscious you know they bubble up
from within when we are in a relaxed state so aquamarine is such a beautiful
crystal I absolutely love it and if you would like to create a sense of calm and
serenity and tranquility in the home you can put amethyst either alone on and
with this aquamarine either alone or with amethyst and rose quartz around a
candle and their white or pale blue candle or you know pale pink or purple
even and unlike that candle for that sense of harmony and serenity you can
also put it in a grid for to draw in those qualities that were an altar so
that’s kind of how I use aquamarine I just find it to be a very soothing
soothing stone because it’s that blue cut it is this beautiful blue color it
is associated with the throat chakra so you can place it in the throat chakra
what I really like about it at the throat chakra and as a way to kind of
stimulate and open up that that that that chakra is that because it’s such a
receptive stone you’re not fighting against anything you’re just allowing
everything to kind of be as it is especially yourself and so you’re not
censoring yourself when you speak so it really does encourage you to have that
that freedom just to just express your essence without fear about what anyone
else is doing because you’re not fighting against anything it is very
open and allowing and receptive the all that is good that’s available to you
always and so that kind of relaxes that that fight-or-flight impulse so it’s a
great stone I absolutely love it and I hope that you will too I’m sure that if
you play with it you know you’ll probably feel some of these same
qualities and anyway so I wish you well on a journey and I will talk to you very