hi everybody its Sloane Rhodes here
I’m making this video for you today about the Jasper crystals so here I have
red Jasper and then I have a Picasso Jasper I have a zebra Jasper I have a
Dalmatian Jasper and I forgot my picture Jasper or brown Jasper downstairs but it
looks similar a little bit similar to petrified wood now the Jasper family of
crystals are very grounding they’re very much associated with bringing you into
your body especially red Jasper red jasper is a wonderful stone to use for
the lower chakras to give you a sense of stability in the world to wait if you’re
feeling a little fragile red Jasper will help you kind of reenter your body feel
the strength of being a manifest being and help you to feel more confident as
you go out in the world so you don’t feel so pushed around by external forces
red Jasper also is said to prolong sexual desire let’s say it is just a
wonderful stone to use especially with the base chakra now I like to use
Picasso Jasper to ground your creative impulses so it’s wonderful to feel
inspired and creative but then we need to channel that creativity into
something manifest so that we can move the energy so I like to use Picasso
Jasper for that and then we have zebra Jasper and then we have Dalmatian Jasper
which I you know I like to think of being associated with our more
animalistic impulses because it is kind of associated with the the wild animal
realms but you know you have to play with any of your crystals and regardless
of what any person tells you or what any anything you read in the in your books
or on the internet you know it’s a very intuitive process when you’re working
with crystals so play with them yourselves and see how you feel with
them but that being said I have to say that red jasper is a wonderful stone to
use for your lower chakras so you might want to start there and see how you feel
with it it’s a very has a very projective
energy its element is fire so it’s very protective so you know if you are
beginning to play with Jasper’s and add them to your collection more and more
read Jasper’s are wonderful stone to start with anyway I hope that you find
that helpful and if you did please do like share and subscribe or leave me a
comment I always appreciate it and then meantime I worship willing to journey
and I will see you on the next video