Okay, now I’m going to share a technique
that is a little bit more contemplative and you can do that with any therapeutic-quality
necklace of your choosing. And what you do is select one of the gemstones in the necklace.
This is a good way to practice your selection techniques, which is a fundamental skill in
gemstone therapy either for one’s self or when applying gemstone therapy to someone
else. Okay, so this particular moon quartz bead just spoke to me, it kind of lit up actually,
it just drew my attention to it. So this is the one I’m going to be working with in
this exercise. Now in previous introductory exercises in this series, we talked about
how we invite the gemstone energies into our energy field. In this exercise, we’re going
to allow gemstone to invite us into it. Now, in this technique, as I demonstrated, I’m
going to be holding the gemstone in front of me. But, if you would like to, you might
also hold the gem that you’ve connected with on your third eye and do the technique
in that orientation. And, in that case, it might be a lot more comfortable for you if
you lay down and just sort of rest your head on a pillow and rest your arm on the pillow
too, and then you can get very relaxed and enjoy this visualization. So, as you look
at the gemstone that you’ve chosen, or your eyes are closed if it’s being held here, feel the invitation that you receive from that gemstone. Feel yourself being invited
to enter into that gemstone’s energy field. And you may want to just close your eyes to
do this as well, because when you close your eyes the sense of space and spatial relationships
can change. And this little gemstone that you’re holding in your mind’s eye can
become very big, big enough to step into. As you’ve been invited the door of this
gemstone opens, and as an honored guest, you step into the energy field of that gemstone.
Inside the sphere or the rondel, if you’re working with rondels, you might meet the guardian
of that gemstone, or you may just meet some other personification of that gemstone’s
energies, or you my meet your guardian angel or spiritual guide. And acting as the gracious
guest that you are, it’s always nice to begin with thanking your host for the invitation.
And that gratitude usually opens the door for a conversation or simply the intensification
of the feeling of that gemstone energy that is surrounding you. Take a moment to listen
and feel and remember what your experience is like inside the gemstone sphere, inside
the aura of the gemstone’s energy. And then invite that part of your brain that observes,
to give you a word or a phrase that you can remember when you open your eyes and come
back to the room, that will help you to anchor into your experience so that you can become
more consciously aware of what happened during this visualization. You can make it as elaborate
as you would like. In some of my experiences I’m invited to tea inside the home of the
gemstone. There’s a nice conversation that can occur. Sometimes, it’s just that very
comfortable, bliss-like feeling of being held and feeling safe and supported inside the
surroundings of all of the gemstone’s energies. And when experience is over, again with gratitude,
you might even visualize stepping outside of the home of the gemstone’s space, and
returning to here and now. Feel your feet on the floor, feel your back against the chair,
or your side and your head against the pillow if you’re laying down to do this. And then,
open your eyes and look at the gems in your hands, and kind of let yourself marvel at
the reality of this inner experience and the presence of these gemstones in your hand,
knowing that when you wear them and when you work with them, the magnitude of what you
have experienced. The wonder of it can be yours at any time.