We just did an overcast stitch on a woven
medium fabric. We had used technique number 2 and fabric letter B for woven medium, but
now we’re going to switch over to a technique of seaming and overcast. We’re going to actually
sew a seam and overcast at the same time and we’re going to use some stretchy fabric. It actually recommends instead of my overlock
foot, my B foot. I’m going to come back here, we’ll put the B foot on, and you’ll notice
that the stitch is like an overlock stitch, but as I line up my edge, I’m going to put
some ribbing along this curved edge. I’ve got my ribbing folded in half, raw edges out
here lining up with the raw edges of my fabric, and I’m going to just guide the fabric so
the raw edges are on the inside of the right toe. As I stretch the ribbing just a little bit,
I can see that I’m getting a seaming stitch on the outside, the left side, and then my
bite is coming over here on the side to connect all those edges and overcast them. A serger
would be ideal for this type of technique, but even sometimes my surger is not set up
for the right thread and I don’t only need to go a little ways around my fabric. I’m
definitely going to keep this as a technique to reach for from time to time. Here’s the overcast and then here’s the seam
and it all is done at once with the stretching give that I need.