Changing the needle is going to be something
you’re going to do quite often. Always change your needle before a new project. If it’s
been awhile, you need a new needle. Sometimes what I’ll do is lower down the presser foot,
so push the foot down button. Then if you utilize the multipurpose tool, you can slide
that up the needle, and it will kind of catch it while you take your screwdriver and loosen
it on the side. So I’m going to loosen that screw, not too much, just enough. It’ll drop
down. See how it catches it. Then when you go to put your new needle in, just drop it
in there. There’s a little flat side on the back of
that opening, so that makes it so it’s not going to spin around. It’ll keep it perfectly
level. Make sure you kind of put the point down into the foot first, and then it’s really
easy to bring it straight up, and you’ll have it perfectly inserted. Tighten the screw, not too tight, but enough
so it definitely is tight. Don’t get over … Sometimes you can turn a screwdriver too
far. So just kind of give it a nice tighten, but not over-tighten it. That’s how easy it
is to change a needle. Check out our videos for different kinds of
needles that are appropriate for different threads and different fabrics, to know which
one is the proper one for your current project. I’m going to show you next how to skip colors
so you don’t have to sew them. For example, your built-in designs 68 and 69 are great
examples. For the first one here, if I want to skip the blue green and the dark green,
and just stitch the outline of this bug, you’ll notice you’ll stitch the body, the legs, and
the outline of the head, and the antenna. Or 69, if I skip the first three colors, it’s
going to stitch only the black. So I would just have the outline and the body of the
cat. So let’s go ahead and do 69. I’ve arrowed down to the folder that has 65 through 69,
and touch OK, and then arrow down to design number 69. So what we have here on the screen, and first
off, if I want to go ahead and stitch this, I need to change that hoop size, so it comes
up, it will fit in the 120 by 120 hoop. Touch the hoop, change arrow to the right, put a
check mark in the 360 by 200. Perfect. Now we can move it anywhere we want within our
screen. If you want to check it, touch OK, and that will outline all the way around the
outside perimeter of the design. That looks good. Now, it says “Color 1 of 4.” So if I want
to skip colors 1 through 3, and stitch only color 4, use the functions here with the picture
of the spool and the plus. The plus forwards you to color 2, and then color 3, and color
4. So we can skip around to whatever area of the design you want to stitch. So as soon
as I start stitching, we’re right at the color 4, and then it’ll be done, and you’ll have
just the color you want.