Hi this is Megan with Beadaholique.com and I’m going to show you how to make the charming christmas earring
set so the kit will come with the supplies you need to make three pairs not earrings you have a little santa claus star charm you have a gingerbread boy and girl charms and then you have a left and right waving snowman charm so your kit will come with everything you see here. It’s going to be the six enameled charms and then six silver plated earring hooks what you’ll need for tools is just going
to be at one pair of chain nose pliers and then a second plier and it can be a round
or a second chain nose, bent chain nose or anything that you want to use to open the jump rings and to get started this is a very simple process, it’s a good project for beginners all you’re going to do is open the jump ring
on one of the santa claus charms by grasping to either side of the split in the jump ring with a pair of pliers and then you’re going to take the two
sides and rotate them away from each other you always want to open and jump ring by
taking sides away from each other, not from opening it wider slide the charm off of the jump ring I’m not going to use that jump ring take one of your earring hooks the loop at the bottom is open and just like a jump ring we’re going to pull the side towards you to open that up hang the charm and then close that loop back up and that’s your first earring. You want to make sure that the curved part of the earring hook is oriented to the front of your charm so that when you’re wearing it it sits forward so I’m going to do that same process with our
other charm grab both sides of the jump ring twist them away from each other take the charm off open the loop on the earring hook hang the charm on and close the hook that’s your first pair to make your next pair we’re gonna do just exactly the same process so pickup a gingerbread boy charm open the jump ring remove the charm open the loop hang the charm and close it We’re going to do the gingerbread girl open the jump ring and remove it open the earring hook, hang the charm and close that back up and then just do exactly that same thing
with the snowman the last one and that’s all there is too it and you just made this cute festive christmas set of three
pairs of earrings. Go to www.beadaholique.com to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!