In this series that place in emoji on all of our targets where they end up being a gold digger or not in order to Be respectful prevent any defamation and keep you all guessing. Oh, yeah I also don’t want to get sued so how much money would you say that you’re good a lot? Meet the homie Jordan today We’re testing to see if his friend Serena is a bullet according his London a ton of money to Serena because she says she needs It supposedly for her rent and bills, but is she lying to him or worse taking advantage of them I want the exact amount everything in total combined how much money have you given Serena four thousand seven Now I’m assuming that’s a combination of what of rents of Bill Bill’s rent car food school every day She is this girl your girlfriend. No. She’d never go is she in any way shape or form your relative Maybe like your second cousin your auntie anything at all It would you consider her to be like your good friends or even like your best for doing friend with definitely investment, okay? so if she doesn’t fit in any of those categories Why on earth do you continue to give this girl money month after month after month after month? You really think she’s struggling like honestly Yes
And no like I thought I feel like she is struggling and like sometimes like let you take so much right yeah today We asked Jordan to ask Serena to meet him at this table right here Which is right outside the building where she has class because supposedly he wants hang out with her of course This is really the location where we selected and where the test will happen we will get there early to set up our cameras Hi, Jordan, somewhere where he can watch and listen to the test and of course wait for Serena to arrive Okay, so everything is set up, and I just got the word that Serena is finally here So it’s time for me to make my entrance Hi My name is Carissa nice to meet you. I’m actually going around campus today Ask as soon as if they’re interested in submitting the resume to the job agency that I work for So basically we help students find jobs. We submit the resume for you We contacted companies for you and whatnot and then from there. You know Everything will give information if you’re interested. I don’t know if the other resume on you You’re not interested at all you don’t want to even like email us your resume or anything. Are you sure? They pay above minimum wage you know and they are flexible and willing to work with students schedules Are you sure I think okay, so we’re here to find that if Serena is a gold-digger But this situation is a little bit different because if you guys remember she’s Jordans friends not Girlfriends so ask her out on a date is simply not enough But that’s exactly why we have a plan the first step of our plan has already happened hi a
Serena if she’d like my help finding a job because supposedly she is struggling and needs money for her rent and bills and her response was So now we’re moving on to step 2 which is to ask her if she wants to join in $5,000 giveaway Which obviously isn’t real, but she doesn’t know that and that’s all that matters. Would you be interested in joining our holiday giveaway? Yeah, so pretty much. We’re giving away $5,000 to a lucky students for the holidays This giveaway will then lead us to step 3 to enter all you do is I’m gonna ask you three questions It’s gonna. Give me the answers. That’s right in order for her to join this giveaway. She must answer three questions now I want you guys to pay very close attention to these three questions because they will help us and Jordan determine if Serena actually Needs the money for her rent and bills, or if she’s just another gold digger It’s not a scam aye sir. It’s not a scam. It’s under there. Yeah cool So question number one why do you want to win the $5,000 for? Question ever – what will you be doing with the $5,000 if you are selected as our winner and you can’t say you’re gonna spend it cuz that’s that’s That’s an easy and yet I’d actually say something so what are you gonna do with the $5,000 if you win them? Look at a card you’re gonna get I think you I think you were thinking like for Denise She Rd has a card she does need another car the Mercedes won’t be a new car. It’s gonna be like an upgrade card What’s wrong with your Nissan breaking dad what we hear is it? Please tell me that I was not the only one who was baffled by this this girl has a 2013 Nissan Potentially one of these ten. She also supposedly is struggling with rent and bills, but when offered money instead of being responsible She wants to go buy this car last question here we go so if you won the $5,000 and given that it is a holiday season we ended up gifting you with an extra $1000 Would you consider giving the $1000 away to a friend or? A relative or anything yes, hon is dancing I’m not gonna judge you but I could kind of tell what you’re gonna say already. Do you want to keep it? Like honest you Got to do is this put your name telephone number and your email in the top portion right here, she owes me $4,000 Hell yeah, I’m upset me and she could be using I wanted to give it to me right. That’s that’s fair to me What are you doing right now? If you don’t mind me asking like are you busy is what I mean actually? I was wondering if you would like to hang out with me I Find you as a very beautiful girl, and I would just like to talk to you I don’t know get to know you more something how about this how with us because I believe that time is money And you might be a little busy later. What uh how about I pay you? $100 to just hang out with me. Yeah, just for like an hour now yes Yes, I know. I know it’s tough I know it’s not but time is money time is money, and your time is valuable to me And I’m not fit time is valuable to me. I mean would you do it for free? Why what did you do every? Okay, that’s why I’m giving you $100 to get to know me I Know you’re not and that’s in here $200 if you want hang out with me $200 Yes This is what I envision I envision getting Starbucks or some caffeine caffeine junkie so I imagine like Starbucks or coffee or even like a monster Red Bull whatever? And then we just go to a park. I think there’s like a couple parks like nearby here We just chill and talking hang up just joining us. Yeah, just just caffeine and chill well not like that That’s it just caffeine and chill. That’s it chill talk talk show We’re really doing this okay? How do I go confront her or like or do we go out there? All right you guys should all know that this was not a part of my original plan in fact I don’t even know if what I was about to do was even going to work I’m literally in the bathroom right now This was not a part of the plan really after I asked her those three questions Storting esposa makes its decision To go in and confronts her, but I decided to actually figure out man I don’t know this was smart enough. It wasn’t but even then no cameras want to be following me I ain’t going to go through this. I’m gonna call it one Hoover right now, and it’s gonna take us somewhere I don’t know where but I’m gonna figure it out I’m gonna text Dourdan to text her that he unfortunately can’t meet her up anymore, and I’m gonna text Leslie to you But I know what I’m doing even though. I don’t know what I’m doing here, but He just said Hey, I’m gonna take her to Starbucks then the park, I think she’s using his money for the car, she wants while paying the location So I had a hunch that Serena was potentially using this guy’s money for this car instead of for rent and Bill I wasn’t quite sure, but I really wanted to find out I Don’t know what’s going on right now, but I know I said, I want my money back We got our monsters, I’m still working on getting information out of Sabrina We’re headed to a park and I’m gonna text less in that location right now. I’m a little nervous right now. I mean You got this man Just going that prepared good pulling up What about money yet You gonna tell me what you’ve been doing with my money, so we know what Don’t sit here and like you don’t know what I’m talking about some of the money that I gave Jordans moment just like he’s doing you know we set this whole thing up. I didn’t trust you. Yeah, this is The truth is Serena like I don’t refer job agency There is no $5,000 giveaway, and I’m not gonna be paying you doing the dollars with me now The reason why I said those things and why we did all this is because you know Jordan one of the long I don’t know why you guys feel surprised. I’m not that you ain’t using the money that you’ve been asking for it I know that you don’t pay the fucking rain. You don’t pay the bill so I know what else you doing with the money Based off of what I heard and when I saw the day seemed like this or any he’s gotta be Honest with us like Jordan has every single right to ask about that money because he’s lending you that money for a specific Purpose to pay off their bills and to help you with rent you know But he has a bigger reason to believe that you’re not using all of that money for that You know that you’re spending it on something else, and so you just gotta be honest. Just come clean. Just tell us What are you using that money for? Okay, I’m gonna talk to him, but you can talk to me though you can talk to me, okay No, no no no, I worked hard for that money, and I could have used that money from me I could have saved it up, but instead I gave it to your ass cuz the fight was juggling Cuz you don’t get up off your ass and get a fucking job. Do you have a job? That’s bullshit because he came to you today and asked you if you wanted a job And he said he’s won over up with your school schedule when you were like aw no that’s not me told me Your lungs are we not tell me don’t even want a fucking job and plus you you didn’t even know it wasn’t real until now You’re barely figure just how big enough to know right now? I’m not comfortable with a random stranger coming up to me and trying to ask my personal information I’m not just gonna give it out like when he mentioned the game where you gave him information like it was nothing so what was That what was that? Song you didn’t go on a date, that’s not the point the point is it gave you $4,000 I want to know what you’re doing with it. It makes. No fucking sense. I gave you that money cuz I thought you actually trying Why off of my face calm down how am I gonna calm down? Like honesty Mingo says I gave you so much money Tell me to calm down how much how much of your income, would you say comes from dinner? How much? Would you how much of her income, would you say comes from you she knows at least 95 percent at least 95 percent How you making money you know what’s coming from me so stop lies So is there anything else you want to tell him that you spend I use it for my I’m struggling you know I’m a college so you’re not gonna Show you something so while we’re in the car when you were driving over here I actually recorded conversation that her and I had and you need to watch Us are you two like getting it You just can’t you’re too impatient you can’t wait For like black Freddie over the weekend. Oh my god What’s he good Hey, I got some clothes I went shopping on Black Friday shopping Okay, I got a ass like where do you get all this money from I’m just curious like are you like low-key rich are you? Like ballin or your language are you like a celebrity? What do you do girl? Do you work somewhere like somewhere like really good? Do you got like money from my school or something like from the government nothing at all do you like your parents out the autism? No You betta you be the judge What the fuck is wrong with you? What the fuck is wrong with you seriously No, shut up your fucking liar all right? You have the audacity to go in Black Friday shopping with my money that I gave you and buy yourself some new clothes and fucking She wasn’t straight and look everyone struggles in this world struggling it is good. It’s not a bad thing What is a bad thing is the fact that you’re borrowing money from someone? And you’re not using digit for what you say. Oh boy, so dude. Did you use the money? I gave you for a down payment for your car Are you using my fucking money as the down payment for your car yes or no answer me right now speak up Are you oh my god, I’m crying are you seriously can crying right now, man You’re stealing money in for me and spin you wanna fucking cry. You don’t get the fucking cry. That’s some bullish dude Sorry to just please be honest with this place. Have you or are you planning on using even some of the money Jordan’s giving you? But I’ll just tell the fucking truth so we can let down payment for the car Look I don’t know I don’t know you’re gonna have to figure out a way to give me my money I saw no I don’t care about none of this shit. No more. I just want my money all right You don’t fucking deserve my friendship. You Debian’s are no fucking car Serena I’m gonna get you a lift or an uber and it’s gonna take you back to school Okay, just if you want if you want the ride back. Just don’t leave from here Thank you guys for making it to the end And I hope you guys enjoy if you guys would like to watch another episode Then I need you guys to go show some love to Jordan because his heart was in the right place Go follow him and also don’t forget to let him know Serena can keep digging