hey guys what’s going on it’s Abel here
today and today we’re gonna be starting a little bit of a new series here on the
channel this is gonna be entirely focused around
JailBreak MC now as you guys know I did do a lot of the JailBreak MC in the past but this is just gonna be kind of different this is going
to be less than grind more of a kind of tutorial walkthrough play along series
so really gonna be talking about how different episodes based on different
minds will kind of go through each mine and show you what the fastest way to
level up and rank up is through that mine we’ll check all the mines out just
so if you’ve not played you do know what they look like and what to expect when
you get to them so we’ll just kind of walk through them all and that’s what
we’ll do today is well just kind of walk through them all and talk about them all
and then future episodes will go more in depth about what to do to make money in
these mines today we’ll just go ahead and start off easy here in a mine it’s a
lot of cobblestone gravel variety of ores such as redstone and
lapis Aran cool there’s grass block so if you have a silk touch pick and we’ll
talk about the enchants as well later on glowstone some leaves and some wood so
just kind of some things that you find here in a mine
moving on to be mine this is the desert mine so here always you have a lot sand
the sandstone cactus close them you have a coal iron and gold ore floor I
couldn’t think of that and then it looks like everyone has already gotten them
all but there are also iron blocks here on this
this one as well so you can do that some things you’ll find here in benign moving
on to see mine I believe this is the snow one fly in there yeah so this is
the snow they call this on the snow you got bone blocks iron blocks gold
quartz glowstone diamonds spawn in here as well the diamond ore I think that
right there that’s the battle you have through here and you also have the diet
right and wool wool as well so you have some more concrete powder found no
blocks the courts again iron gold iron block and about all we have here so
those back and we will move on to D mine you mine was one of the ones I enjoyed a
little bit more you have to see you Anne’s the gold block or clay which is
gonna be a lot of your moneymaker stone gravel and the Scion
I can’t think the actual name you have some gold blocks some gold or emerald or
I think it’s yes I on terracotta so the emerald or diamond or gold or gold
blocks Sion take out of the clay the stone blocks sea lanterns a little bit
of gravel that you get into that’s about it here in d mine
so moving on you’ll check it out the e mine which in my opinion getting through
the stages was one of the worst experiences
that I had so here you have a variety of things you have of course fruit
obviously this is one of the biggest moneymakers here in this mine so let’s
just grab a pic so we’re the course fruit is one of the biggest toy makers
here in the mine you also have things like gravel the end stone diamond and
gold blocks see lantern you have obsidian if you don’t have it you pick
or a good pick the obsidian is nearly impossible to find with just a regular
one you have diamond or sealing in coal
blocks so you can stop using coal and you can actually put the entire blocks
into your furnace you have a very limited emerald block gravel it’s
regular sand and I believe that’s about it should we all sell what we have here
you have an site as well forgot about that in there in stone sand a little bit
of obsidian you can get Flint from here so just a little bit of everything there
so that all up there so moving on to F mine which isn’t money mine
really you have the Magnum block the another rock the quartz again a lot of
emerald or a lot of diamond or a lot of diamond blocks a lot of emerald block a
lot of gold block as well another rack and another wort blocks I just picked up
another quartz so there’s that soul sand you can use this to actually make
another work form because you will need another works to do some of your ATVs so
you can do that I’ll show you what I’m talking about on
that in just a minute so yeah but this is F mine so this is a
lot of the money mine just I’ll tell you what we can do real quick is well just
throw all this stuff in our ender chest and we’ll just do a quick color
inventory and we’ll see how much we actually make
from it if F mine is one of mine this man had a bit of money in again all
we’re gonna do is just fill up our inventory and then go and sell you see we get the amiable there so
we’ll just do warp mine I’ve always converted my blocks are my
diamonds and emeralds and as many blocks as possible and you know you will just
run through here and so yeah so you see in that little time there I sold our
soul staying for 320 all our mining the block for 2,000 Auld another wort block
for 690 another rock rock for 317 all our courts for 2,000 all the emerald
blocks for 8,000 all emeralds for 160 all diamond blocks for 15,000 all
diamonds for 160 and all cold block for 3,240 so some pretty good money here in
F mine now once you get to F mine and you get to f4 you do have the option to
prestige so when you prestige basically all your stuff is gonna be reset so it
was all your money you’ll lose your level you’ll go back to a one that
you’ll be p1 a1 and then you can get back up to then you can actually unlock
when you get this fallen after you for us to each you can go over to the
prestige shop and if you don’t know how many tokens you have you can do slash
token and you see like I have nine prestige tokens when you press deed you
get ten and so here you can come over and this is the prestige shop so you can
buy access to the prestige mine which costs one but it’ll only be available F
so basically once you’re arrested you have to level back up
to f1 to do so and so when you do that when you get them f1 you have access to
this when you purchase it you can buy some other things in here someone cost
more for press eg more than once but the prestige of mine is insanely good for
money if you have a good pickaxe to do it so I I personally use basically what
my inventory and about sometimes can be in three minutes and you’re getting
quite a bit when you’re doing it so I’ll go ahead so that was a very full layer
but yes the ice sells for packed ice for $35 a piece is for five snow $36 demerol
block a diamond for thirty two and of course the emeralds 864 so quite a bit
of money here you can get about two or three stacks of diamond block really
easy so sliding it a little bit servers gonna restart thing is what I saw so
this is P mine and it’s all eyes pretty much with a little bit of the emerald
and diamond in there and snow block but yeah so that is all of the mines the
only one I don’t have access to is the p5 mine I don’t know that I’m gonna go
for prestige five I might just hang out here at p1 for a while p1 f1
and get some money built up right now we’re at 2600 point seven million so we
might just hang out here for a little bit usually in a day if you you know
London for about four or five hours you can make an easy 5 million here in
prestige mine again if that’s four that’s four or five hours getting on
here and in the mine constantly you can make about four or
five million so yeah um the next thing is I was if you go soul sand I was
talking about earlier you can use that to grow another work because you can’t
access this in the mine so do that so in chances the next thing I wanted to
briefly cover there are four different types of crystals to enchant your things
such as pickaxes so you have legendary crystals epic crystals rare crystals and
Akama crystals so obviously the percentage rate is a percentage of it
working sixty five so um real quick we will go over the pickaxe enchants so the
first one is a common enchant it is treasure hunter basically it as you mine
and the more the matte the more level you have on the enchant the more likely
it’s going to happen so as you’re mining it open chests and add it to your
inventory of some special loot jump boost pretty simple alchemy changes the
mind block into a higher to your block so if you mine an iron bucket get turned
into a gold block speed boosts pretty self-explanatory I can’t see what that
one is freeze freezes blocks in a radius drill
likes breaks down blocks in a row smelting smells the or haste it’s pretty useless actually my vision
makes it doubt lighter in the mine we’re extractor basically clone nearby
blocks oh yeah nice touch you can turn them whatever
you mine and the gold regenerate it generates the or you previously mine
spare change is what I was getting earlier all that money from make it rain
it lifts up and then flows in a multiple of what you mine
so stop that is one of the worse enchants repairs one the best for G pick
manner it repairs your pick that just slots slots is another one you don’t
want efficiency is good that increases the mining speed explosive and another
good one the heck specially like an F that’s how everything was exploding
around me vein miner brakes all similar blocks that you mind and radius and
though if you use magnet like I do they’ll come towards you super breaker
and you break any block extremely easier for a short period of time on breaking
increases the durability of the pickaxe and I don’t know what that one is and I
can’t read it so um but yeah so that is all for today that we’re gonna be
covering if you guys do want to join jeburk MC I will leave the IP to the
server in the description below and you guys are welcome to come on and play
around and have fun yeah but other than that guys I’m going
to head out and I will catch you guys in the next episode