Hey it’s Vanessa and welcome to Crafty Gemini
Creates. Today we’re working on a really fun project that does not require any sewing.
I’m gonna show you how to make this really cute jewelry organizer. I love to use it for
my earrings specifically, because the product that I am using on the inside is like a foam and so even
if they are little posts like this, or hoops, or even the hanging type of earrings, I can
just plug it right into the foam and it works out great. so let me show you what we are
going to be using to create this project. I have a really inexpensive, little frame
here. You can get these everywhere. Anywhere from a dollar to three dollars is all you
need as far as the body of it. These are great because you can hang them up on the wall,
or you can use the little stand. I set it here horizontally, but you could also do it
vertically. You know, make it work for your home or bathroom decor. Wherever you decide
to put it. So I have taken off the back and this one has a little paper. Get rid of that.
We are going to use the actual glass insert in here as our template. We are going to cut
out actually two pieces of fabric. I’m gonna do one for the front and then we will put
another on the back because the foam that we are using is Bosal In- R- Form Plus project.
You have probably seen me use this alot. I love this stuff. It is fusible on both sides.
So, we are going to fuse the fabric to each side and I think that is going to be a little
bit fun for us so that when you get tired of the fabric on the front, you can flip your
project over and have a totally new little earring organizer with the second fabric.
So let’s start. I have my fabric here and I am using these really pretty prints. You
can see both of these here. They are from Sundara Oasis by Dena Designs for Free Spirit.
I really like these fabrics. And we are just going to cut out one piece of each. So I have
my glass insert here and you can go ahead and rotary cut around it, but it depends on
the glass. I have worked with some really cheap quality ones and so what happens is
if you get the rotary blade too close to it, you are going to start shaving away a little
bit of the glass. So I would recommend you take some kind of marker. I am using a little
Frixion Pen here. Just to trace around it. Like this. And I think that will show up better
on camera for you as well if you can see exactly where I am cutting. And we are going to use
the same glass insert as our template for our fabrics and for the In-R-Form Plus that
we are going to use for the inside. So there is that. And then you can also just grab a
ruler. I like to keep my lines fairly straight. Let me grab my ruler and my rotary cutter
and I am just going to cut out a chunk here. It doesn’t have to be too perfect since we
are using a foam for the inside, it compresses a little bit. And so we will still be able
to fit it inside the frame even if it’s not super perfect. Ok, and you are going to repeat
that. So you are going to end up cutting out these rectangles out of two pieces of fabric
and then also the In-R-Form Plus. So you should have three rectangles that are the exact same
size. Let me start up my iron over here so it can be ready for me. So when I get ready
to fuse this stuff up that one is done, next fabric. These are really pretty. I think this
print really goes nicely. The one I have on display here. Ok, next one. And you can cut
these out double or triple at a time. If you are making these for gifts, it would definitely
be the quickest way to go. Just double up your fabric, mark it and cut. You can also
measure the glass insert and just cut your rectangles using your quilting rulers. This
would be a great project to do with kids over the summer to give as gifts. Ok. Almost done
and then I am going to show you the foam product that we are using on the inside. Cause that
is really what helps make this project. And since we are fusing it to the fabric, it is
really going to allow us to get this nice, smooth look of the fabric. There is no puckers,
no wrinkles and we didn’t have to sew it or quilt it. So that works out great. Ok, and
one more here. Oops I didn’t follow my line here. Ok. Alright. So I have my two rectangles
of my fabric. Set all of this aside, here is one, here is two and now let’s grab the
In-R-Form Plus. This comes in small packages and with one you will be able to crank out
a ton of these. I’m just gonna lay out my template here again. And I like to lay it
close to one straight side so I am not getting too much fabric waste or whatever stabilizer
you end up using. Alright let’s get rid of all of these little scrap things. And let’s
head over here. Here is my glass. Be careful not break that, especially if you are doing
this with kids. My iron is nice and warm. Let’s take our three layers over. I’m going
to smooth out my fabric a little bit just because I didn’t press it before I started
to cut it. Woops! Let me take some ‘Flatter’ here. This just helps smooth out the fabric
a little bit. So we don’t get any little creases and that is the point, right? Of having our
fabric fused to the interfacing. Ok. Ok, now let’s layer it up. The In-R-Form Plus is fusible
on both sides, so it’s not going to matter which side you put each of your fabrics on.
Ok. And I am not using any steam here. I’m just using a nice hot iron. And make sure
to move it because the product is a man-made product so it is synthetic and we don’t want
it to melt or, to scorch the adhesive. So just keep it moving back and forth. And don’t
mess with it too much until it cools. That way you won’t peel it off of the adhesive.
So you see that it is nice and adhered. We’ll flip it and do the other side. Alright. Now
I am going to let that cool there while I prep the little frame and how we are going
to set it up. You are not going to need your glass frame anymore because we need it to
be exposed, right? Let me get rid of this here so that we can actually plug in our little
earrings. So here is the outside of the frame. The way that you would put a picture and then/or
the glass first and then a picture, instead we are just gonna put straight on the fabric.
Fits right in there. And then you just grab the back of the frame, put it right into place,
secure the back and then decide how you want to display it. Either hang it, or set it vertically,
or horizontally. Isn’t that cute? And then you can just grab your earrings. For the posts
I like to just plug them right in. I save the backings of my little post earrings and
keep them in a little bowl in the bathroom. That way I can just plug in my earrings. You
can do them going up, going down and they won’t come out. If you put them going down,
they are going to stay right into the fabric and into the foam and they are not going to
go anywhere. Then you won’t ever have to search for your earrings again, right? You’ll have
them right here on display and you will know exactly what you have. I hope you all have
enjoyed this project here with me on Crafty Gemini Creates. Make sure to leave a comment
below and tell us if you made it and if you enjoyed this tutorial. Thanks and I will see
you next time.