– no, I’m still dying for a boy [to] come out and do what they do in sister. What we go for And your name is we are the 100 voices of gospel Is it your choir? Well actually some say yes? I don’t own them. You’re the boss Sort of on on the stage on the [dog] okay, [and] where you’re from Actually, we are 20 plus nationalities nice. Okay? So we’re from all over uh You all to see our American Yes, I’m American. We’ve got some English people in our choir as well. Oh, that’s good Can you hold your hands up? Well, I need so one hand you saw one hand the other two. They were not able to be okay of course hang on They live in England and why couldn’t they come? Well listen welcome everyone. Thank you. Really good luck over those well This little light of mine I’m Gonna Let it shine This little light of mine. I’m Gonna let it shine Every where i go I’m gonna let it shine Let it shine let it shine [let] it shine Let it shine let it shine Let’s go Let it shine I’m gonna let it shine I’m gonna let it shine Let it shine let it shine [let] it shine Let it shine let it shine [let] it shine I like this already Let it shine, let it shine let it shine it is Good oh That is so annoying. I want you to be my buzzer. I’m so irritated That this one got to that buzzer before me well the thing is you just gotta act quick and if you snooze [you] lose I Think this quiet is incredible Honestly, I feel elated I felt so happy I couldn’t get it out [of] [me] quick enough I just feel all up on an incredible high. I just wish I could be up there with you clapping and singing There are literally no words that I can actually use right now to describe That feeling that you gave everyone in this room It is so powerful About everything you represent is my idea of heaven and I are honestly so Proud to press the Golden buzzer for an act that I believe Britain’s got talent me, and you have just blown the roof off I’m We put in the studio well done brilliant