Welcome to my office. My name is Isabelle
Morton and today I’d like to talk to you about a very different kind of gemstone necklace:
one that has symbiotics that are asymmetrical. I can’t wait to tell you how the asymmetrical
qualities of the symbiotics in a necklace can really make a difference in how that necklace
helps you and can work with you. The name of that necklace is “Search and Rescue.” Search and Rescue is a very unique type of
necklace and you’ll see why when you see it. But first, a few benefits. Search and Rescue
would be very helpful if your not sure the source or reason for pain, discomfort or disharmony
in your body. For stubborn conditions or when you sense that your healing energies just
aren’t reaching a desired area. Or when you feel an issue or condition isn’t resolving
as quickly as you might like it to. Or, when you want the ongoing support of gemstone energies
on a particular area of your body. So what is immediately apparent about this
necklace is that its symbiotic sections are off-center. This is intentional. The asymmetry
of this necklace has a purpose. But first, let’s talk about the purpose of
the individual gemstones in this necklace. Light Green Aventurine is really good at locating
areas of lowest vibratory rate in your body. It helps the intelligence centers to recognize
those areas and direct healing energies to them. The necklace also consists of Aquamarine and
here we have Aquamarine in an oval shape, and it is surrounded by two Amethyst. The Amethyst helps with prioritization. It
helps your body give greater healing priority to those areas the Light Green Aventurine
has located. The Aquamarine brings new awareness to those areas. The Amethyst and Aquamarine work together.
They alert your intelligence centers to the issue or condition you want to work on or
that the Light Green Aventurine has Identified. Then, new healing energy can be drawn to that
area. So, if you just wear this necklace, the Light
Green Aventurine is going to be naturally drawn to areas that need its healing attention
or using your intention you can guide the gemstone energies to work on any issue or
condition that you want. Now, let’s talk about the off-centeredness
of this design. The purpose of it is so that when you wear the necklace, you wear it so
that one symbiotic section is in the back and the other symbiotic section lies in the
front of your body along your midline. Then, as you go about your day, the movements that
you naturally make walking here and there, sitting, standing, or doing whatever you do,
the gemstones may either stay in this orientation or they might shift slightly. They may shift
in one direction or they may shift in another. They may shift slightly or they may shift
significantly. So, if the symbiotes shift in this direction,
it’s giving you an indication of how the energies are moving in your body. This would mean that
the energies are moving this way to support and uplift the area of low vibration that’s
been identified. If the gems shift in this direction, the energies are going to be moving
in this way. If it shifts a little bit higher, you know the energies are going to be moving
in that way. Okay, so now let me show you what you can
do when you want to wear this necklace. First I’m going to unclasp it, but if you’re storing
your necklaces you really should keep them unclasped. Okay, so first I hold my necklace in front
of me. And then what I do is think about how I would like the necklace to support me. And
as I do that, look what’s happening, I’m gonna raise this up a little bit. Notice how the
gemstones start moving. Now I’m not going to promise you that they’re start moving for
you all the time, but for me, they really are moving. This lets me know that, for certain,
my intention is something that the gemstones can pick up on and vice versa. These gemstone
energies have picked up on my intention. My next step is to move the necklace toward
me and clasp it around my neck. Okay, so I put on the necklace and I position the Aquamarine
right in the front on the midline. And it’s okay if you’ve got other necklaces on– they’re
just going to be part of the support and the resources that your body’s energies will draw
from and that the Aquamarine and Amethyst can help direct to whatever areas that the
Light Green Aventurine locate. So as you see, this necklace is very different
from anything else we’ve ever offered. And you just let your body’s energy field
do its thing with the gemstone energies. They work together to uplift and cleanse and provide
more vitality and life-giving energy to your body, mind, and being. Well, thank you for your interest in Gemstone
Therapy. I welcome you to visit our website: www.GemFormulas.com to learn more.