– [Cody] Welcome to Fusion Beads. Today, I’m gonna show you how to make these colorful blossom earrings. So, they come in five yummy colors. I have a Royal Red DeLite. I have the Lotus Pink DeLite, Orange Glow DeLite, the Silky Sage DeLite, and the Royal Blue DeLite. So, these all feature the
DeLite Crystal Rivolis. And then they also feature
the 3mm Shimmer and Shimmer 2X
Swarovski Crystal Bicone beads and then two sizes of seed beads. So let’s take a look at
all the products and tools we’ll need to make them. (pleasant music) Okay so for the example that I was gonna show you guys today, I went ahead with the Silky Sage colorway. So for this project, I will
be using size 15 teal lined Crystal AB Japanese seed beads. I have size 11, metallic
galvanized silver Delica beads. I have a 14mm Silky Sage DeLite Swarovski Crystal Rivoli. I have 3mm Erinite Shimmer 2X Swarovski Crystal Bicone Beads. I have a 14mm Sterling
Silver French ear wire. And then I have the six pound, Black Satin FireLine beading thread. For our tools today, we will just need these Tulip needles, size
11, my chain nose pliers. And then I have my Xuron
Thread and Fiber Scissors. So I’m gonna get setup
and we’ll get started. Okay so to get started, I went
ahead and I threaded a needle with about six feet of beading thread. I have a little bit shorter length just for the ease of this video. But about six feet is
what you’re gonna need. And we’re gonna to do our first round, first rounds one and two, you
need to string on 36 beads. So I’ve already got on here 34. I just kind wrap the thread
around my fingers there just to kind of provide a stop. So I’m just gonna pick up two more beads for a total of 36. It’s important that you make sure that you have the exact number
’cause this size will fit around that bezel so I always, once I string my beads, I double count them again just to be sure because once you start
doing the peyote bezel, if you’re off a bead
and it’s like only 35, your bezel will not work out. So definitely need to be an
even number and it’ll be 36. So you’re gonna go ahead
and take the two ends and you’re just gonna tie an overhand knot to bring your tail thread and
your working thread together to create a ring. So I bring them, just bring it down here. And I always like to do
a second knot just to make sure that it’s really gonna hold. Make sure none of the beads
in the wrong spot there. Okay I think what we got here. So it doesn’t have to be
like super super tight ’cause you’re gonna go back
through all those beads. But it’s nice to have a knot there to kinda give us a starting point. Oh. There we go, alright. Alright so I’ve got strung on my 36 beads. I went ahead and I made a ring. There we go (laughs) I had a little bit of too much space in there. So now at this point, I’m just gonna back through all the beads
one more time just to make sure I’ve got a nice that they’re all on there. I know they’re on there
but just to make sure that they’re all very
secure and then we’ll start our actual peyote stitch. So right now I’m just
gonna go back through the 36 Delicas that we’ve strung. Again, when you’re going
back through beads, just take care not to skip over one ’cause sometimes it’s easy,
you know when you’re trying to pick up a whole bunch there at a time. So I always just flip it over to make sure my needles didn’t pop out. Because if it does, you’ll see the thread on the outside of the bead and we do not want that. So you’re just going, just back through all those beads one more time, and then we’ll go again the stitching. And these bezels really
do whip up pretty quickly once you get going. Again make sure you’re getting
through all the beads there. I have a few more to go through. Alright so then I always go through those last few beads and then I pass over one so that I’m not at the where they have the knot, you’re just going in that next bead. Then that way it closes that if there’s any bit of a
gap there or anything. I think my tail, yeah there we go. We’re just gonna get that out of the way. All right so now, I’ve gone through all my beads at least a second time, and
then I just went through the first bead one more time. I’m just gonna turn it around so it’s easier for me to start stitching. And now at this point, I’m just
ready to pick up one Delica ’cause we’re just doing basic peyote here. So I’m coming out, you can see my thread here, I’m coming out between
those two beads there. I’ve picked up one bead so
I’m gonna skip over one bead and I’m gonna go down into the next bead. And come up so you can see that. And then I’m just gonna
put up my finger on there and pull everything down
and then I’ll show you where that bead will
kind of seat up there. So then a little tighter. Alright so then you can see,
it’s like I just started our little peyote. So then I pick up another bead, ’cause you’re coming out this bead, you’re always, you always skip over one bead. So you’re coming out this
bead, skip over the next bead and then go down through the next bead, holding everything down nice and tight so that it locks into place. And see you can just barely
see that peyote stitch just starting to go. So we’ll just do this until we get all the way around the bezel. And this is gonna be,
this is our third round ’cause you strung rounds
one and two earlier. So you’ll be adding 18 beads, just making sure you’re
always skipping over one when you’re adding one. Yup alright. So see there we got the little
peyote, it’s coming along. So I’m just gonna keep going. Again just making sure you’re
always skipping over one bead when you’re adding one in there. Oh, there we go. And make sure you’re pulling
everything nice and tight. You want ’em to seat up like that so they’re on top of each other. If they’re not, you need to
kind of massage them into place. Sometimes the first couple,
you need to kinda like pop into place there a little bit. But most the time after
you have a couple of a couple stitches then it
just seats right up so. So you’re just gonna continue
to go all the way around until you’ve added 18 Delicas. So I’m just gonna go ahead
and continue that same process just adding one Delica around here, skipping at least one bead. So you’ll just add 18
Delicas in this round. So I’m just gonna continue
that and I’ll be right back. And so as you can see I went ahead and I’ve added all the
beads around except for one. We’re just gonna do that last one. But something I should’ve mentioned, what I didn’t mention earlier
when we first started this. I already know ’cause
I’ve made a bunch of these that 36 beads around is
the perfect size that fits the 14 millimeter Rivoli. But if you didn’t, if you were doing like a say a 12 millimeter,
you need a few less beads. You would just string beads
until you make sure that it that it fits around your Rivoli and then that’s how you can kind of figure out how many beads around you need. So I already knew I
needed 36 from doing it. So I’ve got those on there. I’ve done my third round of peyote. I just have one more bead of the Delicas in this third round to do. Just wanted to show
you that one more time. So this is my last one,
coming out that bead there. And then skipping one and
going into the next bead. This will complete the third round three. And got little bit of a knot there. Let’s see if I can pull it through. Ah we did. Woo, alright. You can always condition your thread too. I didn’t this time. But sometimes I do. Just kinda depends on how I’m how I’m feeling about it. Alright so I’ve completed
my third round here. And now I’m ready to do my fourth round and in this round, we’re
gonna start kind of bringing then end, bringing
the sides in together to go around the bezel so
we’ll be working on the 15s. So I’m coming out this one last bead here so I just need to step up to the next row that we just stitched
and then I will just add 15s in between each of the Delicas and start kinda cinching this up. You can, if you want, you
can put your Rivoli in there and kinda like hold it
as you’re stitching. I find at this stage,
it’s pretty wobbly still. So a lot of times I wait and put it in like after I’ve done a
couple rounds of 15s, just ’cause it’s kind of hard to hold the bead work and the Rivoli in there. So finished our third round. Now we’re ready to start our fourth round which is gonna be the size 15s. So in the same way that
we did the third round, we’re just gonna add one
bead in between each. But instead of having to pop
down, they’re already popped up so this at this point,
it makes it super easy ’cause we already know, we’re just gonna bridge two right there. So you come out this bead, out of 15 and then go into the
bead right next to it. And then just repeat. And we tried to choose
a color that complemented the Rivoli shade, but you
could do it all in silver. You don’t have to have
a complementary color. It’s just kinda fun as it
comes down around the Rivoli, if a color kind of mimics
it, it just kinda gives it a pretty look, we think. So I’m just gonna continue to add 15s in between each of the Delicas. And as you start to do that,
obviously your 15s are smaller than your 11 size Delicas, and the 15s are rounds, not Delicas. So you can see it starts to kinda like just starting to cinch that up. So this is where will start to kinda see our actual shape come together so we can pop the Rivoli in there. So I’m just gonna continue
adding 15s between each 11. Until I’ve got all the way around. And then just making sure you’re pulling everything nice and tight. And you can see how it’s
starting to curve there. It’s kinda hard to see on the silver ’cause silver’s kinda so
harsh with the lights. But you can see it’s
starting to kinda curve. So I’m just gonna continue to add 15s between each of the 11 Delicas in this round it until I get to the top and I’ll be right back. Okay so I’ve almost
completed my fourth round. I just need to add one more 15. So at this point, I’m gonna
pop my crystal in there. I’m just gonna pull real tight
on my working thread there. So I’m just gonna pop it
in there and then I’m gonna you kind have to hold
the back ’cause it’s not there’s not enough beads
in there to actually hold at this point. So I’m ready to add one last
15 for my fourth round there. Just in between those 11s there. Coming out of one and
going right into the next and then you’re also gonna
go through that next 15 there ’cause you’re stepping
up for the next round. And then we’ll do one more round of 15s. And this is where it really
starts to like cinch around. And if you can see it
like kind of pops out. So I just pop it back in there. And so now I’m ready to do the next round. The next round is just
another round of 15s. So this’ll be the last round on this side. So we’re just working on that
last little section here. So this is one you,
you’re going through a 15. It’s gonna be really hard to see. You’re going through this
15, you’re coming out of it and then you’re going in to the next 15. This point you shouldn’t be
going through any Delicas ’cause we’ve already added
all of those for that round. So now we’re just doing the next round. And see, it is kind of fiddly. So I’m just gonna drop that
crystal ’cause it kind of is annoying to try to
hold it in place (laughs). Alright. So coming out, that 15,
going into the next one. Oops I wanna make sure I’m
not going through that thread no, okay. I’ll just pick up another one. So you’re coming out that 15 and you’re going into
that next guy right there. Few more. I think you guys get the point. You know, always gonna
be coming out of a 15 and going into the next 15 for this round. And then this will be the
last round, like I said on the front here. So I’m just gonna continue adding 15s between each of the
other 15s from the third row in this fourth row. So I’m gonna complete
that all the way around and then, we’ll work our way to the back and we’ll do the 15s again. So I’m just gonna finish
this front all the way around and by then, this will
probably be pretty tight so it should hold my crystal a lot better. So I’ll pop it back in before I get it all the way to the end. So I’m gonna go ahead and finish that up and then we’ll be right back. So now I’ve just got one more
bead to add in this last round it’s a little hard to see
’cause the seed bead color is very close to the crystal. But I’m coming out this 15. I’m gonna pick up a 15 and I’m
gonna go into this 15 here. So this will be the
last bead on this round. And then this will really
cinch up this front. So I’m just gonna pull that down. And make sure you’re pulling everything really nice and tight. So now, that is one part of our bezel there. So you can see the Rivoli’s still kinda like little wonky in there, just ’cause we have to do the other side and kinda like get that seated up. So now that we’ve done two
rows of 15s on the front. They’re a little curled
up so you can’t see them. But now we’re ready to move
our thread or our needle. We’re gonna weave to get to the back and then we’re gonna do two
round of 15 on the back. So I’m just gonna stair step, just kinda keep you in the
same like peyote stair step, up the beads to get myself
to the back side there. So you just wanna make
sure you’re coming out an 11 on the back. Just trying to see where
my thread is out here. So alright, here we go. Step over there and there. Okay. So you’d see I’m coming out the back now. So I pull that and I’m
gonna flip it over here. Alright so I have so many fingers but it’s kinda hard to hold but I wanna be able to show you guys it up close so you can
kinda see the stitches. Alright. So now, oop gotta get step down one more time so I’m actually ready to
begin my next round here. So just stepping down to that 11. Alright. Get my tail out of there. So now we’re coming out
of this 11 right here. Put my thumb under there. That 11. We’re gonna grab a 15 and we’re
gonna go into the next 11. And we’ll do two rounds
of 15s on the back. And at this point it
starts to get fairly tight so you wanna make sure that
crystal stays in there, even if it kinda wonks
around a little bit. You wanna make sure that it stays in there as it starts to kinda
form that bezel around it. Pick up one more 15. So it was coming out of that 11, skipping over the gap and then going in the next 11 that’s popped up. So really peyote stitch,
the best to remember is you’re always just
going through the bead that’s popped up. Sometimes when you’re like
on your second round of 15s, that 15 might not be super popped up but it’s like, you can always kinda tell the next bead that you should go through. So I’m skipping over one
and then going through the next 11 here that is popped up. Alright so I’m just gonna
continue this process all the way around this bezel ’til I have my fourth round of 15s on the back here. So I’m gonna keep stitching around just adding 15s between
each of the 11 Delicas that are popped up until
we get back to the top, and we’ll be right back. Okay so I’ve almost completed
my fourth round here. I just need to add one more
size 15 to finish this round. And then I’ll step up
to do the next round. So I’m gonna go through that 11. And then I’m gonna go through the next 15 that’s popped up there to step up to that next round. So you can see that bead right there. So I’m stepping up. And this will be my last
round here on the back. Again, just make sure you’re pulling everything nice and tight. And you’ll notice that even
mine is still kind of loose ’cause we always have to go
back and kinda reinforce it and that will help tighten it up. So don’t be nervous if
yours is kinda loose and like you’re having a hard time holding the crystal in. It’s just kinda the nature of this design. Sometimes it’s a little wobbly until you reinforce the heck out of it. So now that I’m stepped up. I’m ready to begin my
fifth row here on the back or I guess I’d be the fifth, sixth, seventh row,
if we’re just counting them all together but, I just
kinda go back and front. So our last row on the back,
I’m just adding the 15s between every 15 that’s popped up. Just doing basic peyote here. And I’m just gonna do that
until I get all the way around. Sorry went a little off camera. Again, just adding a 15
between each of the 15s that are popped up. And then just make sure you’re pulling everything nice and tight. ‘Cause you really need
everything to be pretty tight so that it does kinda seat
up around that Rivoli. So a lot of times I just kinda give it a nice good tug there. Alright I’m just gonna
keep stitching at my 15s and complete this last round and then I’ll show you how to add a loop to attach your ear wire. And then I’ll show you how to
do this embellishment here. So if you were just gonna
do like a basic peyote and you didn’t want the bicone edges, after I finish this round and
reinforce, we would just stop. But we wanna add these little bicones for a little picot. So I’m just gonna keep
doing this last round, adding 15s between every 15 here. And then I’ll be right back. Okay so I went ahead and
I completed my last round on the back here. So now you can see, it’s
pretty well seated up here. But I always recommend
just going at least back through the 15s just one more time and then that will help
really kinda cinch up that little the fold
that covers your Rivoli. So this obviously is our back. And this is our front. And if you get it on
there and more is covered on one side, you can always just kinda move your bezel around ’cause you can kinda see it
moves just ever so slightly. So do make sure, you know, take care and make sure it’s like nice
and centered over your crystal. So now at this point, I’m
just ready to step up. I’m gonna find where my thread
is back here on the back. I’m ready to step up and
I’m gonna create a loop to hang an earring from. And this is after I went
ahead and I reinforced. You wanna make sure you
reinforce both sides of the 15s of the front and the back. That just helps kinda
cinch up your Rivoli. So I’ve already done that
and now I’m just stepping up to the first round here
of peyote that we had and I wanna make sure that
I’m coming out of one, the row that has just the
one Delica bead there. So I’m coming through that bead. Then I’m going to pick up seven 15s. Because the seven 15s
are gonna create the loop that I’m going to hang my ear wire from. So I’m gonna go ahead and pick those up. Seven so I have seven. You’re gonna bring those down. And then, you wanna go
back through the first bead that you just strung. So you wanna go back
through your first one to create a loop, making sure
not go through the other ones ’cause we want the loop to come around. So I’m coming, I picked up that 15. I’m coming out this 11,
and then I’m gonna go over to the next single 11 and that, one of the first round that we did there. I’m just gonna pull that down. And this will create our loop. Let’s pull it really tight in and that creates our little loop that we’re gonna hang our
ear wire from and stuff. So at this point, we
need to reinforce this. But what I found was
easiest with these earrings is that I went ahead and
I created my loop first. Then I did all the
picot all the way around and then I went through that
loop one more time to reinforce and then I weaved off my
thread and trimmed it. So I found that that just worked easier. You could go ahead and do
a turn around to get back in this correct direction
to reinforce from this way. But it was easier to start with it, do all your picot and
then go back through it one more time, instead of
having to try and turn around. So now at this point, I’m ready to start my picot. So this is kind of where
the fun part comes in. We’re gonna do a picot where we add one three millimeter bicone,
and one size 15 on there. So if you wanted just a very traditional, the bare bones, like minimum bezel, this is where you would stop. You would go ahead and create your loop. Then you’d wanna go
back and reinforce that. And then you would weave
off your thread and trim. And this is just like
very simple peyote bezel. But we wanted to take it to the next level with a little bit of picot. So we’re gonna go ahead and
pick up a 3mm bicone, and a size 15. I’m just gonna bring those down here. Alright. So then I wanna go back
through just the bicone because we want that little seed bead just to kinda sit there
on the edge of that bicone to create a cute little picot. So you don’t wanna go back there the 15 or it will just pop off obviously. So we’re going back down
through that bicone. And we’re coming out in this single 11 right there and you’re gonna
go into the next single 11. So you’re always kinda like stitching over or your beads are gonna sit over this where it has the two. Your beads will kinda
sit right over those two Delicas right there. And then you just pull that baby tight. Really nice and tight
’cause you wanna have that guy seat up there and it’ll pop out. And then you’ll have
this cute little picot. So I’m just gonna do a couple more. So picking up a 3mm and a size 15, going back down through
the 3mm bicone. So you’re coming out of that 11. You’re skipping over
these, this bridge of two. And you’re going into the next single 11. Just remember, you’re
always going into the round that just has a single Delica bead there. And there, got your second little. So you just continue, same fashion all the way around here. Get that there. Going back down through your bicone. And then going into the
next single 11 there in your first rounds. Alright. Again just make sure
you pull everything nice nice and tight there. So there, you have that little picot. So I’m just gonna continue that, just adding a 3mm bicone and a 15. And then going back
just through the bicone, and going to the next
round, all the way around. You will add 17 3mm
bicones to this peyote bezel. And then you’ll just have
this nice little fringe that goes all the way around. So I’m gonna go ahead and continue adding one 3mm bicone, and one size 15, bringing everything down. And then going back
through just the bicone. And then going into the next single 11. And just make sure when you’re
going back through these that you’re only going
through the one bead. And it doesn’t start to go,
ouch, through another bead. Alright. Now it’s got a little stuck in there. There we go, alright. And do take care, once you do the picot ’cause it’s really easy
is to get your thread caught around one of these
as you’re tightening down. So just make sure to kinda
look and make sure it’s not, your thread isn’t caught in that. ‘Cause sometimes you’ll
just be stitching away and you won’t notice until
you look at it later. And then if you take that thread off, obviously it gonna make all
your picot kind of loose. So just make sure that you
don’t, it doesn’t catch on any of those beads as you’re stitching up. So I’m just gonna continue to add the bicones all the way around ’til you have 17 bicones on there. And then we’ll be right back. Okay as you can see, I
went ahead and I added the picot all the way around. So I just continued to add
one 3mm bicone and a size 15 and then go
back through the bicone and go into the next
Delica bead available. So that is all done and I went ahead and I already reinforced
my little loop here. You definitely wanna make
sure that you reinforce it at least twice going
through it, at least twice. ‘Cause obviously that’s
where your ear wire’s gonna hang from and it’s gonna get the most kind of like wear and tear per se. So now I’m just coming
out that bead and now all I’m gonna do is just
weave back and forth, following the peyote pattern
just to finish off my thread. And I’m just gonna do it
on the back side here. So I’m coming out of that
11 ’cause I just got done reinforcing the loop here. So I’m just gonna jump to the next 11 and then go down to that 15. There. Gonna take care, make sure my loop doesn’t get wrapped around anything. And I’m just gonna go back and forth for a next round. So I’m just gonna go
through a couple 15s here and then probably jump back into the 11s just to kinda weave this off. I already weaved in my tail
thread and trimmed that. And you can go back through and weave around as much as you want. But given the nature of
peyote with a stair step, it’s normally pretty secure if you just keep following
that same pattern here. Get through that okay. So again, I would just continue just to weave down through there. It’s really hard to
kinda see at this point ’cause there’s so much stuff going on. But just weave back and
through on your pattern. And then once you’re done, you
wanna just go ahead and trim your working thread as close
to the bead work as possible. You can also use a thread
burner if you like. So now, it’s like my little guy is all pretty much done. All I need to do is to add my ear wire. So to do that, I’m gonna
take my chain nose pliers, and you’re gonna open
the ear wire by grabbing the side there that has a opening and just pulling one side towards you. Then you’re just gonna
slide that loop on to the loop that you made with
seed beads on to this ear wire. And then you’ll close the ear wire just by moving it back to its original position. And then I always just look in the front and make sure it’s nice and
straight and everything. And there you have these really cute little Silky Sage Earrings. So, remember you can
make them in Silky Sage or just bringing back
all the other ones here. They have, they come in
lots of different colors. So just kinda go over that again. We have the Royal Red. We have the Lotus Pink. We have the Orange Glow. Here’s our Silky Sage. And then we’ve got the Royal Blue so thank you for checking out this video. And if you’re new to our YouTube channel, make sure to click the
subscription button below. (pleasant music)