[Mari] Hi, welcome to Fusion Beads. I’m Mari Eriksson, and
I’m excited to show you how to make the Eila Swirl Earrings. The Eila Swirl Earrings can be made in silver or gold, and if you wanna customize it further, you can also choose a
different color Swarovski pear-shaped pendant at the bottom. I will be making the
silver pair for us today. Let’s get started. (instrumental music) To make the Eila Swirl Earrings, we will be using the 14 by 10 millimeter royal blue shiny Swarovski
crystal pair fancy stone, the Pewter Organic Pear
Bezel by Nunn Design in the antique silver, the Pewter Spiral Swirl
Link by Nunn Design in the antique silver, the five millimeter
silver plated base metal 18 gage open jump ring. And for our ear wires today, we’re going to use a four millimeter sterling silver ball
post earring with a ring, and this has the four millimeter
silver clutch as well. Okay, let’s get started. So, we first need to glue in our Swarovski crystal stones into
our open-backed Nunn bezel. So to do this, I like to
use a little post-it note, and I just put a little bit
of the E6000 glue on here. And then I’m going to use a toothpick to appl the E6000 just to
the inside of this bezel. Because it’s an open back, we wanna be careful not
to use too much glue, because it can squish out the back. And just start putting on there. It’s pretty thick, so it’s
not going to go right through. It will really go where you placed it. And I’ve gotten it all the way around. There we go. Now I’m gonna take my stone and just drop it right in. I’m gonna try and just get it in there and just push on it a little bit. Now let’s look at the back. Now it looks good. There’s no glue coming through. If you do get some glue
that comes through, just take the clean side of your toothpick and kind of get it out this way. Okay, so we can put the glue aside. We’re gonna let this dry. It really takes about 24 hours for your glue to set, but you can still finish your earrings even when while that’s setting up. So next we’re going to attach our bezel to our swirl. And we want our swirls
to be in mirror images. So that when you put
them up into your ears, they hang correctly. I’m just gonna show you here
with this pair that’s made. You can kind of imagine. Okay. So let’s open our jump ring using our chain-nose plier. I like to use two of those. And we’re going to slip on our bezel, and then slip on our link, and then close this back up. And then our last step is to attach our post earring wire. So that has an open loop on it that I’m just gonna turn out to the side. And it’s sterling silver,
so it’s really soft. So be careful when you do that. I’m gonna put on my link, and then I’m going to close it back up. It’s a little tricky
because it’s very small, but doable. This is what we have so far. And don’t forget that you need
your clutch to go on there. There. So for the other side, you’re going to do the same thing. Just make sure that you hang
your link in a mirror image. And for these earrings, you
can make them in silver, and you can also make them in gold. Let’s show all those. You can find all this and
more at FusionBeads.com. (instrumental music)