[Cody] Hi, today I’m going
to show you how to make our Fourth of July earrings. These quick and easy earrings are the perfect finishing touch to
your Independence Day look. Let’s take a look at the products and tools we’ll need to make ’em. (lighthearted music) For this project, I will be using the 4 millimeter Swarovski
crystal bicones in Scarlet, Crystal, and Majestic Blue, I have a 16 millimeter Majestic Blue Swarovski crystal pear pendant, I have 14 millimeter sterling
silver French ear wires with a 2 millimeter bead by TierraCast, I have some 3 millimeter
silver flat oval cable chain, I have 21 gauge 2 inch head pins, and I’ve got two 5 millimeter
21 gauge open jump rings. For my tools today, I will just be using chain nose, round nose, and wire cutters. You can find links to all these beads and supplies in the description below. So let’s get started. Okay, so to begin my earrings, I like to start at the bottom and work my way up to the ear wire. So to do that with these,
I’m just gonna go ahead and cut my chain first,
because these earrings are constructed of six chain links. So, I’m going to just cut
off a little section here that’s six chain links long. With my wire cutters. I’m gonna set the majority
of my chain aside. So, I’m just gonna set that little tiny chain link down there,
and then I’m going to go ahead and open a jump ring and attach my pear pendant to the
very last link of chain here. So, to do that, I’m
just gonna go ahead and open my jump ring, and these
are already kind of open here. By opening the jump ring, I’m gonna push one side towards me and one side away. I’m gonna go ahead and
thread on my chain first, and then I’m going to take my pendant and I’m gonna go ahead and
thread him on there, and then I’m just gonna close my jump ring in the same fashion that I opened it. There, so it’s just nice and tight. Okay, so now I’ve got a
core piece started there. So now, I just need to go ahead
and add my little bicones, and to do that, I just need
to make simple loops and attach two bicones to each chain link on each side of the chain. So, to begin, I’m gonna go
ahead and I’m gonna start, again at the bottom,
so I’m gonna start with the Majestic Blue, so I take one head pin and I go ahead and I slide on my bicone and then I just take my thumb and put it right above the bicone and then I just bend my wire over to make a nice ninety-degree angle
really close to the bead there. Then I take my wire
cutters and I go ahead and I cut the wire there, just leaving enough to make a simple loop. So, I take my round nose, I grab the wire right at the tip, making sure none is sticking out there, and then I just go ahead
and I just roll it back, making a simple loop. And then there, I’ve got one little unit. So, I’m gonna make one more. The same fashion again,
just bending it over a ninety-degree angle, using your wire cutters, cutting that off there, using your round nose to roll it back into a simple loop. There. All right, now I’m at the point… I’m just gonna adjust
that guy a little bit. Now I’m at the point that I’m ready to put these on my chain here, and it’s gonna be on the same bottom link as my pear pendant. I’m just gonna have one on
each side of that jump ring. So, to do that, I go ahead and I open the simple loop that I just had made, I grab my chain and then I just, like, string it on to one side there,
and then I close the loop, and I repeat the same process on the other side for my other bicone, and sometimes it can be
helpful to put on your ear wire to kind of hold onto your chain
if you’re having difficulty because it is such a
little tiny section of it. So, now I just need to make sure this one goes on the other side, and then I go ahead and I close it. So, now, got the first part started there, and then I just repeat
that process for the next chain link up. So, with two more of the Majestic Blue, because you have four bicones of each color in each earring. So, this time, I’m just
gonna do two at a time here. Sometimes if you’re making, like, a bunch of little simple wraps, it always helps to kinda
get a bunch prepped and then just make loops all at one time. Kinda get the little assembly
line action going on. So, again, same fashion, just trim it. Trim this guy, too. Then you just grab your round nose and grab it at the tip there, and then you just go ahead and you roll it back, and if you need to kind
of adjust your little loop there on the top,
you can always do that. And then just repeat that same
process for the other one. And then, you just open the little loops that you just had made, and you attach it to the chain link above, again making sure that there’s one bicone on each side of the chain link. Sometimes it can be really hard because the little bicones, they wanna spin around when they have a little
simple loop on there. There it is, okay. Got it on there and I’ll show you a little bit more detail
here in just a second. And I’m just gonna do the
other one here real quick. Okay, so as you can see, I’ve got bicones on each side of
the chain link there, so I’m just gonna
continue that same process with adding four crystal
beads, two on each link, so there’ll be two links of the crystals in the Crystal color, and then there’ll be
two links of the Scarlet on each side there. So, I’m gonna go ahead and I’m gonna finish those up and I’ll be right back. Okay, as you can see, I went ahead and I attached the rest of my
bicones to my chain here. So again, it’s just two
bicones per each chain link and you wanna make sure there’s one bicone on each side of the link there. So, now that those are all done, I just wanna go ahead and
I can attach my ear wire. So, to do that, I grab my ear wire, and I grab some chain nose pliers, and I’m gonna open it up very similar, like you do in jump ring, I’m just gonna grab the loop and move
it to the side there. And so, I wanna go ahead and put it on the last length of chain, link of
chain there for my earring, and I wanna make sure
there’s a bicone on each side just like we talked
about, so I’m just gonna slide that on, kinda holding
onto that one bicone. See, there you can see
I’ve got the loop on there and I’ve got a bicone on each side there. So now, I’m just gonna go ahead and I’m gonna close my earring there. Alright, and there you have it. You have these adorable
little Fourth of July earrings that are perfect for Independence Day. You can find products and tools for all of our inspiration
designs at FusionBeads.com. (lighthearted music)