[Allison] Hi, welcome to Fusion Beads. Today I’m gonna show you how to make our Gold Dust earrings. These earrings are a
great mixed metal design that have a touch of sparkle using Swarovski Crystal Stones, and are great for any occasion. (light music) To make these earrings,
you’re going to need two of these 10 millimeter
Light Colorado Topaz Swarovski Crystal Rivoli sew-on stones, two of these 20 millimeter
Antique Gold Pewter small circle stamping pendants, two of these 13 millimeter
Pewter Hammer-tone circle rings, and then four of these six millimeter Antique Brass-plated base metal 20 gauge open jump rings, two of these nine millimeter Natural Brass 16.5 gauge open jump rings, and then a pair of these Base
Metal Flat French ear wires, and these are 17 millimeter
in Antique Brass. Then you’re also going to need two pairs of chain nose pliers. You can find all of these product links in the description below. Okay, let’s get started. Alright so to start, we want to take one of these six millimeter jump rings. Now we’re just gonna open that
up using chain nose pliers. Just gonna grab the ends, and you’re just gonna
bring one end towards you and one end away from you. And then you’re gonna take
the 13 millimeter ring, and then just attach
that to the jump ring. And then you’re gonna take
that 20 millimeter pendant and attach that right behind it. And then you’re going to take one of the 10 millimeter sew-on stones, and you’re just gonna attach all three of those to the jump ring. And then to close use your chain nose, and just bring those jump
ring ends back together. Okay, so now you want to take your other jump ring. Same thing, bring one end
towards you, one away. And now you want to attach this jump ring to the other hole of the sew-on stone, so that top hole then
you want to attach that to the nine millimeter jump ring. And just close that up. Okay so then with this jump ring here, we want to make sure
it’s completely closed since it is an open jump ring, so just make sure the ends brought together. Okay so then you can see now all we need to do is add our ear wire. To do that just open up that loop on the ear wire using
your chain nose pliers and then just attach that
nine millimeter jump ring to that loop. Then use your chain nose pliers to bring that loop right back together. And there you have one earring completed, and you just want to
do the same thing here with the product for the second earring. And now you have a really
cool earring design, you can wear with anything. You can find all of
the tools and materials to make these Gold Dust
earrings at FusionBeads.com. (light music)