[Allie] Hi, welcome to Fusion Beads. Today I’m gonna show you how to create our Spider Sparkle Earrings. These earrings are made using Swarovski Crystals
and Seed Beads in metallics to create a more sparkly and
fun looking spider earring. To make these earrings
you’re going to need Size 11 Sterling Plated Iris Seed Beads, 6 millimeter Silver Lined
Clear Bugle Seed Beads, 16 – 3 millimeter Light
Chrome Swarovski Bicone Beads, two 6 millimeter Light
Chrome Swarovski Brown Beads, two 8 millimeter Light
Chrome Swarovski Brown Beads, 18 – 22 Gauge 2 inch Head Pins, two 22 Gauge 2 inch Eye Pins, Base Metal French Ear Wires, your round nose pliers,
your chain nose pliers, and your cutters. You can find all of the
products and tool links in the Description below. Okay, let’s get started. To make these Spider Sparkle Earrings you first wanna create the legs. So to do that you take a Head Pin and you just wanna add
one Size 11 Seed Bead, 1 Bugle Bead, another Seed Bead, your 3 millimeter Crystal, a Seed Bead, a Bugle Bead, and then one more Seed Bead. Just like that. And then using wire cutters you want to leave about 3/8th of an inch and then cut off (snipping) the remainder. And then using your chain nose pliers you’re just gonna wanna bend right near that Seed Bead, bend your wire 90 degrees. Just like that. Then you take your round nose pliers and you grasp the wire, right at the end there, and you just roll it to form a loop. There you go. Just like that. And then at this point you’re just gonna wanna kind of, right towards the middle there, just give it a little bit of a bend to have a curve there for the leg. ‘Kay, so then you’re just
gonna wanna repeat this for 1 earring, 7 times, to
make a total of 8 little legs. So I went ahead and made 7
more little Head Pin legs, just like I did this one, so for a total of 8 for 1 earring. And then you just want to lay ’em out with the first 4 you’re gonna have facing down, and then the last 4 you’re gonna want curving up. Just like that. So then you take a Head Pin and you add one 6 millimeter
Crystal Round Bead. Add the first 2 legs, then you add 1 Size 11 Seed Bead, and add that 2nd row of legs. Make sure they’re facing down. Add another Seed Bead. And then that 3rd row, which the curve is facing up. Then add 1 more Seed Bead, and then just add that
last row with the curve up. It’ll lay just like that. And now you wanna add one 8
millimeter Crystal Round Bead. And to kinda secure it in place we’re gonna do a wire wrap. So to do that just take
your chain nose pliers and bend your wire 90 degree angle, leaving a little bit of
space between the bead and the edge of that wire. Take your round nose pliers, just grasp the wire, then just work the wire around the plier, making a loop. And then you wanna hold that
loop with chain nose pliers then you can either try
and use your fingers, or I like to use another
pair of chain nose pliers. Then you wanna wrap down your wire a total of 3 wraps, until it’s nice and secure. ‘Kay then you take your cutters, cut that little tail off. (snipping) Use your chain nose pliers
and you can just kinda tuck in the little bottom piece of wire. ‘Kay, just like that. So you can see, got a
perfect little loop there and then 3 wraps down, all the way, snug up against that 8
millimeter Round Bead. ‘Kay. And there you have your little spider. And now we’re just gonna
make this little part hanging from 2 Bugle Beads. So just add those to a Head, oops, add those to an Eye Pin. It already has a loop. Add those 2 Bugle Beads. ‘Kay and then you just wanna
create another simple loop on the other end. So take your chain nose pliers, just bend to a 90 degree, nice up and close to that last Bugle Bead. Then I cut my wire, (snipping) leaving about 3/8th of an inch. And then just grasp the wire with
your round nose pliers, and turn it just like that, and creates another simple loop. So now you just wanna
attach that simple loop to this wire wrap loop
here from the spider. Use your chain nose pliers. Close that loop. Make sure it’s nice and secure. Just like that. And to finish, you just wanna take your ear wire, open the loop there, attach your little spider, and close that up. And there’s one little spider earring. Now you just wanna repeat
that for your other earring and you’ll have a sparkly
yet spooky pair of earrings to wear for Halloween or
any occasion you choose. You can find all the materials for these Spider Sparkle Earrings at FusionBeads.com (bouncy, playful music)