Ah you’re a little licking sounds right now. Do it again. I am so proud of myself today because I cleaned the kitchen. Look how beautiful that looks. I love it makes me feel so much better when I have a clean kitchen to work with. So I was making myself some lunch kids are outside playing. I’m just in here trying to make my lunch. Last night I made some pumpkin pie. I am trying to make a baked potato and a pumpkin, like I put my pumpkin pie together. Some whipped cream on top and sometimesI put sour cream on my potato, and I’m like okay I need some pepper and I turn around I put pepper all over my what I thought was my baked potato. It’s my pumpkin pie. I put pepper all over it. Oh well it will added flavor whatever. So funny. Anyways I’ve got a doctor’s appointment today, so I’ve got to go get ready soon. I’ll take you guys with me. I’m at the doctor’s office and look what earrings I decided to wear today. This cute little ice cream cone earrings, aren’t they adorable? I love them. I really do love them so much. I feel a little bit like a twinge of maybe embarrassment when I put them on and then I’m like, no I love them! I want to wear them. I mean who wouldn’t want to have ice cream dangling from their ears? I mean come on. Anyways today, we’re gonna do some running of errands after we do the doctor’s appointment and I’m pretty sure everything’s gonna go just fine. I haven’t been having any problems or complications that I know of unless they find something that they probably won’t and we’re all good. And I think I’m at 34 weeks past 34 weeks almost at 35 weeks pregnant. That’s crazy. Hi…did I scare you? No. Did you see me? No. I’m just I’m not that scary I guess. Dang it, why did I not scare you? Coz I was, I don’t know being entertained by my show and not really caring. Just lot of people walked pass. But none that come behind you and say I arrr… Okay do your roar again. So scary… that is terrifying. You’re being rude now. I’m sorry. Alright that’s enough. Let’s get out of here. Okay. I came home from work. I looked in the fridge and I found pumpkin pie. I’m really excited to eat it right now, and I know because Becca made it. It’s healthy. I don’t even know what’s in it. I didn’t even ask her, but I know because she made it’s good for you. I guess she made it last night really really late last night. She’s awesome. She made me pie. That’s the way to my heart. Ah you’re a little licking sounds right now. Do it again. Pick an ice cream. Lick it. That’s so funny. I wanna lick your ears. She’s offended now coz I don’t her to lick my earrings. Oh man, I still have that… weird feeling. She was licking them, they’re all wet. It’s dirty now, messy… A banana. What are you eating over there Corbin in the dark corner of the room? Macaroni? Yummy! I’m about to go get in the shower, but I forgot I didn’t tell you guys about the doctor’s appointment today. It just went really well. It was a very normal doctor’s visit. I really haven’t had any complications or anything happening just since finding out about the gestational diabetes, which is going well. And I’ve had good numbers the whole time, and I’ve just been controlling it with diet. That’s the update there’s not much. I’m measuring the week that I’m supposed to I’m healthy and I’ve been exercising and doing things that I should so there’s really nothing going on that’s like bad. So it’s just very normal. And I have another doctor’s appointment in two weeks, and then after that it’s every week. That’s exciting because that means I’m like down to the wire and about to have a baby, So anyways it was a good day. I cleaned the kitchen which is a big deal. It’s a big deal when I’m this being pregnant. We’ll see you guys tomorrow. Let’s pause this game.