(humming LOTR soundtrack) When the cold of Winter comes Starless night will cover day In the veiling of the sun We will walk in bitter rain But in dreams I can hear your name And in dreams (And in dreams) We will meet again (humming LOTR soundtrack) When the seas and mountains fall And we come to end of days In the dark I hear a call Calling me there I will go there And back again (humming LOTR soundtrack) And we come to end of days In the dark I hear a call (humming LORT soundtrack) Hey Hollens Family, thanks for watching In dreams I did this song, because you guys requested it like crazy, the last time i did a Lord of the rings cover So please let me know , down below in the comments, what you like me to do next. And a enormous thanks to those who are supporting me on Patreon, again you guys are the only reason why I`m able to make these, thank you so much If you like this song, you can pick this up on Louder, Itunes. You can stream it on Spotify and Pendora and all that stuff. I cant tell you guys how much i appreciate making this music for you, and it everything to me, so thank you for watching, and more important, thank you for sharing, and please share this, if you enjoy it. I`ll see you guys really soon, thank you so much Subtitles by the Amara.org community