♪♪ [epic music] [indistinct arguing] ♪♪ I will take it! I will take the ring
to Mordor. [dramatic music begins] Though I do not know the way. I will help you bear this
burden, Frodo Baggins, so long as it
is yours to bear.If by my life,or death, I
can protect you, I will. You have my sword. And you have my bow. And my ax. You also have my sword. And you have my ninja stars. Who are you?I also havepepper spray,
should you ever need it. It’s keychain size. What?Wait,let this play out.And you have mycomic relief. Okay, I guess. You have my sword. Yes. And my knowledge
of the tax code. No, we don’t need
anything like– You’re in. Forgot to mention
my dashing good looks. [Bowstring bounces] I have a sword
if you want one. Okay. You have my heart,
Frodo Baggins. I don’t care, Sam! You don’t mean that,
Mr. Frodo. Yes, he does. [crying] Ah, but wait! Another sword
I have to offer thee. Why do you have
so many swords? You have my mixtape. Check me out on Sound Cloud.You havethe right
to remain silent. Thank you? [clanging metal] You will
have my sword! [hammer clanging on sword
continues] You have lupus.I’m so sorry.You have my array
of Herbal Life products. But if sell to five friends,
it really just starts to– No! Stop, all of you leave! You’ve ruined the fellowship! You have my apologies. And you have my sword. [epic music] Hey, just here to remind you to
set an alarm on your phone real quick to
like, subscribe, comment, share. Just five seconds from now. Just go ahead and set that. And… Thank you! Appreciate ya! [clicks tongue] I’ll call ya.