(energetic music) – You are here with me
for Monday Musing 39, which means you are here for
my 273rd video of the year. Oh the drama of this week. This video requires some tea. But I’m not going to be quite this dainty, plus this is too clanky. This is my second mug this morning, and I would tell you that
I wish it were a hot toddy. It has been that kind of a week. Let’s talk about it. As you’ll remember, my last Monday Musing there had been a response,
I’d read a response from Autumn Beckman on how she was going to be responding to my
What is Agate video. I couldn’t imagine how one would respond to a What is Agate video. Respond she did. She did a TAG video, it
was a Unicorn TAG video, but in the first several
minutes of that video she took the Mickey out of me,
as they would say in England. She teased me quite a
bit about my agate video, and saying that the video was her idea because she had sent me
a photo of a necklace and I hadn’t said enough about it, I hadn’t given it its due praise. She also said that it was
not agate, as I was saying, it was a-ga-tay, a-ga-tay,
an a-ga-tay necklace. It was a very funny video. Autumn’s sense of humor is very dry, I’m talking Bob Newhart kind of dry, and a lot of people don’t get it, they’re not sure that she’s joking or it never occurs to them that she is, because she delivers it so deadpan that it seems like she’s serious, even though she’s saying
something absolutely ridiculous. Well, Autumn is a very
well educated woman, and she is aware when
she is saying something that is ridiculous. It was hysterical. Most of you got it, there
were people who didn’t. There were people who
were very upset with her, so she and I both were
saying in the comments, you know, it’s really a joke, it’s fine. Sometimes she would take it even further, this dryness, and they
would still believe her. That’s what that kind of
sense of humor is like, that you just keep hitting somebody until they finally get that you cannot be that
ridiculous. (laughs) And behind the scenes, Autumn
Beckman has continued this. My best friend from
college now works at NASA. Here she is implying that she and Donnie are at NASA to go steal
another one of my friends. Then again in this photo, Autumn implies that she and Donnie are either
starting a family together or may have already
started a family together. So I let her know that
I would be responding. Now, Bobby who is Bobster92,
he was the original person who requested the agate necklace video, asking what is agate? He knew that I was going
to be responding to Autumn, Autumn knew that I was going
to be responding to Autumn, but in the meantime, Bobby did a video, and it was genius. He did a parody on drama videos, on sort of spill the tea
drama YouTube videos, and he did it so well,
if you’ve seen very many of these at all, he took
a lot of the elements that are in true drama videos, his whole demeanor, a lot of the things he said, “this is a video I never
thought I’d have to do,” he did it all in character,
and it was great. I really did start this whole thing, and the way that I started it was Autumn had a cold,
and Donnie had a cold, so I accused Autumn and
Donnie of being together. Donnie is my dearest
friend, and he has been in several of my videos. I accused her of cheating
on me with Donnie. Well, Donnie and Autumn have never met, but what difference does that make? They got a cold together. (laughs) So I really did start this whole thing, it is all on me. In Bobby’s parody, this
whole YouTube drama, he inserted himself, saying
that he actually knew Donnie long before I did, and
he had the receipts. It’s very interesting. (laughs) I was blown away by his
video, it is so good. I’m going to put, down below I’ll put all the videos, and I’ll kinda put ’em maybe in the order that
you should see them, but they’re funny. And along the way, though, there are people who are
thinking we’re serious, and Bobby’s video, I don’t know how you could take it seriously. I don’t think people took him
seriously, although there may have been a couple who did. So next my video comes out, and in my video I am doing a parody of the YouTube apology, so I’m apologizing to Autumn Beckman for
mispronouncing her necklace, that agate may be
normally pronounced agate, but her necklace is a
completely different thing. I take you through the
history, like I often talk about the history of jewelry and the meaning behind it, I take you through the history of Autumn’s necklace,
starting from the Bible, it’s mentioned in the Bible, all the way through to Autumn
finding it at the TJ Maxx, and just every, all the
provenance in between. I acted serious but I put in enough things that even if you weren’t somebody who was prone to seeing humor, that I would think that you would get it, but there were still people who not only thought that
I was being mean to Autumn, but also thought I was being
mean to Yota, to YotaStyle, and I did tease YotaStyle in that, because we were teasing
each other in the comments, because she was being
nice to me in my comments and nice to Autumn in here comments, and we were like you
can’t have it both ways, we can’t both be right. There were so many people upset with me over my treatment of Yota in that video. Before I aired that video, before I published it, I had been talking to
Yota and let her know that I was teasing her in that video, and Yota was very much in on the joke, and she didn’t know exactly
what I was going to be doing but she knew that I was doing something and she was fine with it. And woo, woo, there were people
out there defending Yota. I mean I got messages, I
think Autumn got messages, and I know Yota got some phone calls and she got some messages,
and let people know, you know I’m a big girl and
I’m very well aware of this. Yota looks very sweet and innocent, and I’m sure that she is, but don’t be fooled by any of that, Yota can handle Yota. (laughs) Yota can bring the sass, she
has got some serious sass that has been very well represented in our texting to each other, and she would have done
a video by now I think, but for the fact that you know there are things that she’s
doing in her personal life. Funny that, that we also
have personal lives. (laughs) And so she’s been very busy
lately, all good stuff. Hopefully, I say hopefully, hopefully she’ll be doing a video. I don’t know if she will, I don’t know if the timing will be right, but if Yota chooses to do that, Yota will be very good at it. In fact, I am quite suspicious because Yota asked me to do a video on evil eye jewelry, and I said,
oh I’ve already filmed that and I have it planned later
in the month of October. Yota said no, you need to
post that a little sooner. Mm, I’m very suspicious Yodt has something up her sleeve there. All of this drama didn’t
end there, however. Autumn posted another video
called Thursday Thoughts. Hmm, sound familiar? Any resemblance at all to Monday Musing? No, it’s totally different. It’s a totally different
thing, it is Thursday Thoughts, complete with its own
100% unique thumbnail. Mm hmm, yeah. In that video, Autumn
continues with her very dry, bone dry, like martini dry sense of humor. She shares what gift she
will be sending to Yota which was a pair of flip flops, (laughs) and Autumn talks about
a lot of other things, very dryly, including
the jewelry industry’s big secret that the gemstone labradorite is made from the eyes
of Labrador retrievers. And that is why there are so many blind Labrador retrievers, and why am I promoting greyhound rescue, when I really should clean my own house and help the blind Labradors? (laughs) There were people who believed that. They were furious in her comments, they just thought it was awful. I grew up in a house
where I can just tell you the sass runs deep, it
is generations deep. My father is just full
of sass, of course I am. My father said that when I was two I would need to explain,
sometimes I would explain to my mother that my
father was only joking. My sons are both smart asses, including the one who does not speak. Very low functioning, doesn’t speak, but he can bring the sass. Our dog has sass. It just, you can not survive
in this household without it. And that’s why I’m always surprised when somebody doesn’t get humor, or isn’t aware that it might be there, because it was just the
way that I was raised. But I do understand that there are a lot of people who lead very
serious lives all the time. I’m not one of them, I, fun
is a big part of my day. I was the mom who, you know, sometimes when my son got home from school he was hit with a water balloon, and knew to immediately
start looking around ’cause his bucket of ammo
was somewhere nearby. That’s just the life that we lead. I think maybe the more that
you’ve had to go through, the more you need humor in your life. What I will say is my What is Agate video has been seen over a thousand times. I don’t think I’ve had
another Jewelry Minute video that has been viewed
over a thousand times, so the best news that I can tell you is that a lot of people know
what agate is at this point. I have offered that to the world. And Autumn helped me
bring that message to you. After all of that, all of that, Autumn had the audacity to
ask me what a spinner ring is. I will do the video, and I will do it like every other Jewelry Minute. It will be an honest
video on spinner rings, because like agate, I want you to understand the spinner ring. Last week in addition to my
Autumn Beckman apology video, I did a video on The RealReal, and tips, tricks, and hacks for shopping for clothing on The RealReal. I did that because a lot of you had asked me about fit for both LilySilk and The RealReal, and had
asked me some other things about shopping online. It made sense to do a video
talking just about that. In addition to What is Agate
and the evil eye video, we talked about calibre cut stones, the Cullinan diamond, and
also what is a ring shank. Next week, I would be sharing two pieces of my jewelry with you,
the Chronicle bracelet and the Prelude bracelet. Some of you have asked to
see them both together, I’ll be showing that,
and also I’ll show you the variations that I make the Chronicle and the Prelude in. In all of this hullaballoo,
Autumn’s TAG video kinda got lost, and her
TAG is on Unicorn bags. I am going to try to film that and get that up this week. I have a very busy week,
it’s going to be difficult for me to do, but I do need another video for next week, so I will
try to get that done and up. Of course, I will also have
more Jewelry Minutes for you. So much to catch up on
if you took the week off, not only on my channel but also
on Autumn Beckman’s channel and Bobster92’s channel. And maybe in the future,
YotaStyle’s channel. Do know that Autumn, Yota, and
Bobby are all great people. They’re all hysterical,
we are all friends. There is not a diva among us. There is, however, a whole lotta sass. Thank you so much for being here, and in the way that only
Autumn Beckman can say, – Bye for now. (energetic music)