We offer this beautiful pair of monkey fist
knot cufflinks also in rose gold plating and in sterling silver with platinum coating but
this one is in Yellow Gold. So why should you choose this one over the
others? Well it works best for people that have a
natural tan because gold and brown really work well together. On top of that, it’s a great pair of cufflinks
if you have a lot of gold accessories such as rings, tie bars, collar clips or maybe
your belt buckle or the buckle on your bag. So what makes this pair of cufflinks so special? First of all it is inspired by an actual knot
and not just the fantasy product. The monkey fist knot is very handsome and
so we used the ends and combined it with a twisted bar which makes it extremely elegant
and easy to put on. The rope has a very intricate, fine detail
which was hand carved and also hand cast. Therefore every cufflink is unique and there
is always a slight variation. So if you get one of those you know that it
was made by an individual for an individual. No factory was involved in these pair of cufflinks. Of course just like all Fort Belvedere products,
these cufflinks are of quality and so we opted against a classic T bar closure because we
wanted a decorative element on both sides and we wanted something without any moving
parts so it lasts for years to come. Because it’s such a classic piece this could
be a hand-me-down to your children and grandchildren. We used Solid Sterling Silver for these cufflinks
and therefore they are really heavy. They are almost an ounce or 25 grams which
is a lot heavier than anything else you’ll find. Once you have it in your hand you will really
feel what I’m talking about and you will know that this is tank of a cufflink that
will never break.