My name is Roei Kashi. I’m a 3rd generation diamond manufacturer, after my father, Moti Kashi I started in Italy, with all my friends in Italy. And then I went to Europe. After I
saw that the American market is the best, I started in New York. All over America, crossing America. Every night a flight, and in the day I worked. I worked in Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore, Tokyo, Taipei and all over. Moti Kashi is my name, and diamonds are my game! Here at Moti Kashi Diamonds we specialize in large size, fancy color diamonds as well as white diamonds. Our stock is well known in the world
– the largest stock for investment diamonds. Our diamonds arrive from mines all over the
world, including Russia, Australia, Canada, and a little bit from Africa.
When the rough arrives at the office, we start the process of deciding what to do with it.
We sort it out based on color, size or clarity, and we send it for re-cutting with specialist cutters that we’ve worked with for more than 30 years. For example, if a stone can become a pear-shaped with a fancy yellow, fancy pink or fancy blue color, we send it to a specialist cutter who knows how to cut it and we guide him through the process of how we want the diamond to be cut. This is why each of our diamonds is distinct and unmatchable, and cannot be
found anywhere else. Our company serves more than 6,000 clients worldwide. We participate in three shows in Hong Kong every year, as well as in Las Vegas every
year. We also have representatives traveling worldwide, to New York, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Bangkok and Europe. We really are global. We are number one in technology. You can download our iPhone application and see all of our inventory online or on your mobile device. You can see 3D images, you can check certificates, and you can even zoom in and see the inclusions inside the diamonds. Professionalism, integrity, commitment, family, tradition, accountability, technology, experience. Join the Kashi famiy!