In the new episode of the Miracle Doctor series
What’s going to happen, the great danger waiting for Ali What, Tanju and Sparkle, what are they planning again?
What a great surprise waiting for you In this video I will explain friends.
Ali Vefa doctor, our hands break the shield If you say below, press the rating key
and let’s see our number also in Tanju and Kıvılcımın you’re tired of treacherous plans
Let’s hit the rating button and see how many people we are Let’s see again.
Ali is now a little more social environments of course.
The biggest supporter will be Nazlı. Nazlı and Ali becomes increasingly lovers.
but Nazlı Ali does not know that he loves him. when we say we are good friends, Ali will be very broken.
and Nazlı will not talk for a while. of course, Ali and Nazlı will make peace again.
An advanced level of disease to the hospital ill come to Ferman, Nazlı and Ali ‘
yide next to the patient to go to check. that there is no intervention for the patient
At first he can’t think of anything. but very sad and ill
the patient’s disease. Finds a solution.
goes and tells the situation. and thanks to Ali he gets rid of the patient.
Tanju is a traitor to the Spark hospital The plan will be shared with the hospital.
people turn back and make the hospital look bad. Use Ali to challenge him
and aim to make a mistake. When Ali made a mistake, the hospital was great
a penalty will be cut and Tanju and Spark They’il take over the hospital.
will not reach their goals. still can not tell Nazlı’ya love.
Nazlı’ya inside the hospital again to open Something happens and Ali Nazlı told him
loves. we like to bomb again in the new section
stage will be waiting. friends, more videos
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friends.To see you again Look good.