Greetings survivors and friends, Shadowfrax
here with your weekly roundup module of Rust development parts where this time we have
Ring roads, Rich presence, and MINIGUNS… But first! Make sure you’re subscribed to the channel
for weekly Rust updates and more, and batter the notification bell in case YouTube decides
to make it work one day. It was the big patch to main and forced wipe
this week of course and the biggest news is that Autoturrets are now modular! This means
they don’t come with a weapon now, but you can put almost any shooty stick in them from
an Eoka up to an M249. The only exceptions being bows, crossbows and flamethrowers, and
sadly no longer rocket and grenade launchers (boo) oh, or trumpets… Shame, that could have been fun.. A Turrumpet You can also use any weapon attachments and
any ammo types that you could use if you were holding them yourself, although scopes won’t
affect range.. Talking of which, it seems that their range is fixed and limited to about
10 foundations, regardless of what you stick in them.. so thoughts of auto-roofcamping
the entire island with L96’s should be put to rest.. They also need to reload themselves,
so will have to pause occasionally to do that. In answer to a frequently asked question from
my last vid, no, weapons don’t appear to be losing any durability when used on a turret,
at the moment.. not sure if this is intended though, so that could change. You can however
pick them up off the turret at any time and use them, at which point they will start losing
health as normal. Along with this change, turrets are now much
cheaper, with the high qual cost having been dropped to 10 instead of 40 and being only
400 scrap to buy at the compound.. Over on the death screen, you’ll notice that
now you have a handy and encouraging set of life stats to look at whilst you decide on
whether or not to bother respawning.. and this will give you a round up of such info
as distances travelled, what you did with your time, kill counts and more… with the
possibility of even richer info in the future.. Talking of which.. support has been added
for Steam’s ‘Rich presence’ feature this month.. which means your friends there will be able
to see not just that you’re playing Rust but what you’re doing in it, such as exploring
the wilderness (what’s left of it), exploring a monument or just in the menu.. Plus if you’re
in a team with someone it’ll group you together.. It’s being kept deliberately vague to avoid
the potential for griefing, but if you’re really concerned you can just switch the whole
feature off with ‘global.richpresence 0’ in console. In preparation for the modular vehicles update,
whenever that happens, Rust’s road generation algorithm has been rewritten, and visually
improved, with maps over 3k in size now being given a ring road system instead of the drunken
spider aesthetic that we’re used to.. this ring road is a two lane affair, not that anyone’s
going to pay attention to such rules when they do get behind a wheel.. And small roads
will now branch off from this to the monuments.. You can’t build on roads now either, so no
more toll collections I’m afraid.. And smalluments, such as gas stations, warehouses
and spermkets will appear alongside the ring road rather than by themselves at dead ends,
which seems much more business savvy, doesn’t it? Large maps over the standard 4k size have
been optimised, again in preparation for vehicles.. with the focus being to reduce the object
count by making more space between features the larger a map gets, and setting upper limits
on monument and cave placement… Also road and river meshes are culled at 1000 metres
to reduce performance impact.. All of this has led to a 20% reduction in object count
on a 5k map apparently and 30% on a 6k! Hold me down Yet more optimisations have seen the costs
of dressing players reduced by up to 30% since December.. and up to 65% since the October
patch.. This is a heavy process and one thing that could cause stalls during gameplay so
it’s good to hopefully see a performance increase here.. Rust’s hit detection code was improved and
you can read a bit more about the savings made here in the devblog, but I’d like to
know whether you’ve seen any performance uptick since this patch yourself.. Bearing in mind
that it will depend a lot on your brand of potato.. So leave me a comment down below. And vehicle parenting was also rewritten to
provide a more stable experience when using transport helis and hot air balloons amongst
other things.. Horse armour costs were reduced this patch
with wooden armour costing 300 less wood and roadsign costing 1 less roadsign and 1 less
sewing kit.. There were also adjustments to research costs
and workbench levels.. But the main difference was a rider protection increase.. of 15% and
10% respectively.. And, as mentioned last week the leaning whilst
on a horse to grab loot through walls exploit should have been fixed now… So my apologies. In other news, there’s now an upper limit
to how many fireworks can be set off at once on a server, thank to the efforts of a few
brave souls who found the original limit and gave everyone the gift of 3 frames per year,
if their client hadn’t already crashed.. Sleeping bags outside of cupboard range will
now decay faster, this was reduced to 36 hours.. The tree MINIGAME was fixed again.. We’ve got mid file support for instruments
now as mentioned on a previous vid, along with experimental support for MIDI sustain
pedals.. There are new server commands for admins this
month, such as temporary banning, a message of the day and and some new spawn options,
and I’ll stick the details of how to use these in the description for you. Also you’ll be glad to know that having to
manually close Rust with task manager should be a thing of the past now as apparently this
has been fixed and Rust should close almost immed… In works in progress.. Things we are still
waiting for include vehicles of course, HDRP, and more recently, work has started on an
overhauled farming system including completely reworked plant genetics and a sprinkler setup
for watering your crops.. So stay tuned for more on these as and when I get it.. What I do have to show you this week and something
that I was only able to get images of last night is a new minigun weapon being worked
on.. which definitely doesn’t look like something player crafted… I’m not sure on the schedule for this, it
may be a while until it’s in game as apparently it’s pretty unique as far as weapons go, and
I’m sorry but that is all I can tell you at the moment… but make sure you subscribe
to the channel to be the first to get more info when it lands.. Lastly, for all of you asking for news on
the console release.. I have good news, kind of.. although we still don’t have a date..
Garry did reply on Twitter last Sunday to say that it won’t be happening in the first
half of the year.. Which just means you’ve got a bit longer to save up your scrap…
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