*A curious girl enter the hall* *Anna is fascinated with the hall’s view* *Anna walks towards a tower of dessert* Hello *Anna sneakily tries to steal some dessert* Surprise! *Anna quickly catches Olaf* *Elsa walks down the stairs* *Elsa blasts ice toward the stairs* Our surprise holiday party doesn’t start until after the Yule Bell rings Ah, sorry, the suspense in tearing me apart. *Olaf tries to combine his body together Thank you *Olaf shakes his body* *Anna holds Olaf’s face*
I’m excited too Olaf This is Arendelle’s first Christmas in forever *Elsa picks a flag from Olaf’s head* *Elsa holds the flag on the right hand while talking to Olaf and Anna* *Elsa puts the flag on the table. Anna points to the citizen’s direction to Elsa and Olaf. Olaf jumps excitedly* *Anna quickly stands straight and walks towards the window pane then starts to sing.* *Anna sticks her right hand palm onto the window mirror while looking at Elsa. Olaf jumps and takes a deep breath while looking out through the window.* *Anna bends down to sing to Olaf. Anna then stands straight and spread her arms widely like a bird that is about to fly* *Elsa, Anna and Olaf are walking together with pleasure. Both Elsa and Olaf gaze around the ballroom.* *Anna walks by the ballroom’s table and rings the bells. Then Olaf popped out and amazed with the bell. Olaf rings it three times.* *Elsa gently takes a flower petals and attaches it on Olaf’s neck. Olaf jumps blisfully.* *Olaf looks at it and takes a quick glance to Anna and Elsa excitedly. The sisters look at each other and sastisfied with the idea.* *Elsa holds the wine glass then she delicately puts the glass to the tray. Then she walks cheerfully towards Anna to dance together.* *Elsa friend sprinkle snow on the castle. They walk together and Olaf follow from behind.* since we opened up the gate! And it’s the first Christmas I remember today, that is already worth the wait!