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for incredible hair long, filled strong and thick Omg if only I knew this earlier If you get sick of hair that breaks
constantly and never grow, that you suffer from baldness or even partial alopecia
or total, dandruff falling on your shoulders, you will be very satisfied
because in this video I present you 3 of best recipes for feeding, caring
, fix the grain of hair l help to push faster but keep it strong and vigorous
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you know how happy it is, The preparations I will present to you
are very simple, We will start in recipe number one
by hair loss, preparing for this is very simple First of all, know
There are many causes for the fall of hair, but because of our lifestyle
very stressful, eating habits , pollution and other chemicals
and toxic that we use daily , such as hair straightening and other dyes
hair products, we are quite often confronted with this problem. after trying this remedy, you go
notice a very visible difference And you will not have any problem falling
hair so let’s start For that, we need an onion. Peel it and cut it like this
Then you have to grate or mix onions to extract the juice
Now, let’s add 1 spoon olive oil in the onion juice
mix these two ingredients very properly and that’s all, our mix is ​​ready to
to be applied You will apply this mixture on your leather
hairy using your fingers. Massage gently on your scalp to
get the best results. Keep this mixture on your scalp
for at least 30 minutes and then wash it with tap water
You must apply this remedy for two to three weeks to get the best
results. And this remedy is good for hair loss
and the growth of your hair I invite you so much to try this
remedy if you face the problem of Hair loss Before going to recipe number 2 think
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snapchat whatsapp Instagram If you want to have healthy hair and
in good health , thicker that will grow very quickly
in just two weeks Here is a special natural remedy that is
so simple and easy to do yet super
effective and magical Take some ginger
and peel, shred or pass it to mixer what suits you,
Boil water, we will work with a bain-marie, press your juice
ginger add one
tablespoon of coconut oil add a tablespoon of olive oil
castor in Stir well and heat for three to four
minutes and our super efficient oil is ready use your fingers, soak in the oil
and start applying this oil on your
scalp First of all know that ginger contains
also vitamins and fatty acids such as linoleic acids
who nourish your hair to keep them in
healthy strong and improves blood circulation, for
better penetration in the leather hair it is advisable to mix with oil
coconut It stimulates hair growth, penetrates
more deeply in her follicles
castor oil as for it aids in the growth boosts the leather hair up
3 to 5 times the speed of hair growth, the hair
also become substantially thicker in the first
weeks of use cover all your scalp with this, this mixture goes
to feed and strengthen your hair by ensuring that it
grow well, be thick and good health, you will see
that your hair will start to grow quickly, will be
thicker and longer after each use when your hair is completely covered
with this magic cure put a shower cap or towel leave
for at least two hours then rinse with shampoo, use regularly
three once a week for at least two weeks You will be very surprised by the results In third and last recipe Here is a cure for thickening your hair
with only two ingredients. This amazing remedy is the solution for
your hair thin and dull. The first thing we will need
is an aloe vera gel. We will take two tablespoons of
aloe vera gel. Aloe vera gel makes your hair strong
and in good health Add the aloe vera gel to the bowl and
add two tablespoons of olive oil. Olive oil has many advantages
for your hair. This will help to thicken your hair booster
pushes and fixes them permanently on the leather hair Apply this mixture on your hair.
leave it for an hour. then wash it with lukewarm water.
for best results, apply it on your hair for two weeks.
and you will get amazing results in just two weeks. So here we are, if you
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