What’s your name darling? Georgia Borg. Where are you from Georgia Borg? I’m from Malta. Thank you and when you woke up this morning, how did you feel? Oh my god, I’m gonna go to Britain’s Got Talent Are you singing? Yes, I’m gonna sing. And is this the biggest audience that you’ve ever performed in front of? Yes, definitely. All right, darling. What’s the song that you would like to sing today? It’s 10. It’s an original song. You wrote that? Yes. Okay. What’s it about? It’s about like how some adults they don’t hear what the kids say like, you just leave them hanging around whatever you don’t care Yeah, there’s nothing to do with it, yeah, okay Really? All right, darling. Good luck. Thank you When I speak do you even hear what I say well doesn’t matter Cuz I’m Just because I Mean Oh Oh monie time she’s ready to Also need you to feel me. I need you to protect me I need you to God I Just knew when I woke up this morning. This is gonna be a great day. I could feel it Hi ever, son. Who’s five? Trust me. I listen to him Not the other way around I learn a lot more from him than other people So I get it and it was amazing. I Cannot believe you know what ten years old. I Was barely out of nappies when I was Teddy as well, I mean just everything It takes a lot to really really move me and you floored me like absolutely Capability your lyrical capability you are ten years old this is unbelievable Congratulations Which is amazing, I mean like really good the whole time amazing You